Bryce Harper wins Home Run Derby at Nationals Park


Got together for their team photo today thirty players in the, mid summer classic for the first time and that includes the three Mariners. All SARS not name Nelson Cruz tonight the big Bopper six stage for the homerun derby at nationals park. In DC and the NATs fans will they had their guy to root for Bryce Harper and all the red. White and blue of the hometown team. And he did put on a show Harper made it to the finals reface college Schwarzer of the cubs Schwartz was pretty. Good blasted pitches out of the yard Schwab's. Final round consisted of eighteen home runs Harper would have to beat that, to win the Harper with. His dad Ron pitching got to work and at first it didn't seem like things were really going his. Way and be able to catch forever but. Then he got cooking at one point, he had nine home runs and forty seven seconds That would tie him up at eighteen eventually and this. Was impressive so impressive that Nelson Cruz. Was filming with his camera Harper at thirty seconds of bonus time for four hundred seventy three foot shot in regulation on. The second swing of that bonus round he. Belted his nineteenth homerun derby winning Homer Bryce Harper in front of the, hometown crowd wearing the red. White and blue in the nation's capital wins the homerun derby only the third player in history to win. The derby can his home stadium world done. And sharing her with his dad that's pretty cool At the all. Star break in the American League West the Astros the five game lead on the EMS the as eight games out. Of first but only three games behind the Mariners for that second spot in the. Standings while the Mariners lost seven out of ten going into the break as one seven or their last ten the angels and Rangers are fading fast they were, resume the season, on Friday at home against the. White Sox extremely camp begins. One week. From Thursday and Earl. Thomas still was not happy he wants a big extension where he wants to be traded Thomas missed all the Seahawks season. Training program and teams. Mandatory minicamp. Last month and it's highly unlikely number twenty nine we'll be roaming around the field of Emek next week unless gets a new contract Thomas feels it's closing in on the started. Camp and some of his frustration with the. Situation Rover to Instagram today where he posted this always been the underdog ain't nothing new extend if you don't want me. Let's make a trade happen I understand it's a bitch. Girl Thomas future is very much up in the air as it. Has been here For, the past few months well some athletes are really good at their own, sport and pretty good at other sports. To some those should just keep the main thing the main thing there's your play. Tonight take a look at former basketball superstar Shaquille O'Neal got the celebrity all star game softball game pose a Babe Ruth and causes making contact is big fella, shock with two, strikes try again puts everything into. His swing and then he. Ends up. Falling out he had. An upper big giant hand on defense so they give them a huge glove The, play in the outfield it's your show Shack is a funny guy and you. Gotta give him credit for trying playing along it's a lot harder than it. Looks, alright and proved that point right there well weatherwise midsummer around here and it is starting to, really feel like at the last few days the heat has been on a lot, of us ready to turn it back off which still. Still in the mid to upper eighties, tomorrow so we'll cool off a little bit but the. Big push marine air comes overnight tomorrow night so about, twenty four hours from now, into Wednesday morning the cool fog rushes in. We'll, start with some clouds in the morning well only max out in the, mid seventies that will feel great by Wednesday wildlife enthusiasts are getting excited after an increase. In sea otter sightings in our local waters they've been making a comeback after for traders nearly drove. The outdoors to extinction on the Pacific coast they're normally seen along the outer. Coast photographer caught this one near port Angeles this is the. Third citing in the sailor sea this year we'll. Be right back Research.

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