Agent says New York Mets should trade Jacob deGrom if not interested in long-term deal


The course of the program but don't fret we will be back with you mahayana with wherewithal all week as a matter of fact at one pm eastern for the man the legend himself so we are just kicking the week off on a high note we didn't get into baseball much today but we will fact that they're all star break it's not gonna stop us from talking about it because you gotta love the game it's america's pastime homerun derby tonight tomorrow he got the game over at nationals park one of the big names which is being thrown about out in an ticipant of the july thirty first trade deadline and he's also a guy you'll see on the field that nationals park tomorrow jacob degrom in the new york mets who's had his good season in terms of starting pitching is any in baseball this year is certainly gonna make a good run at the cy young award in the nfl probably has every right to gripe about not getting joe's into start the all star game even though they gave it a max scherzer but he's the hometown guy there in dc but grammas having phenomenal phenomenal season and you know his name has been tied into trade talks as to whether the mets who are looking to probably rebuild to a certain degree again and that's probably one of their more marketable assets that they get a lot in return for and maybe inject some youth and samatha lettuces them into a team which can certainly use it given the injuries in the age and the underperforming that they've had so far this year brodie van wagon who is the asian for jacob degrom spoke to ken rosenthal fox sports and the athletes and had this to say we have discussed jacobs future with the mets at length jacob is expressed interest in exploring a term partnership that would keep him in a mets uniform for years to come if the mets don't share the same interest we believe their best course of action is to seriously consider trade opportunities now the initia the inertia of current situation could complicate jacobs relationship with the club and creates an atmosphere of in decision bottom line is and i don't know if this is necessarily coming from the ground himself this is just agent speak more than anything else and by the way brodie van wagon c n a or ca they have done contracts with the mets brodie van wagon represents yowen assessments so they've been able to broker deals with him in the past and the mets have been a little reluctant to sign jacob degrom he's right about that but jacob degrom is a starting pitcher who is thirty years of age remember because he didn't come up until he was twenty six and even though is extremely talented in one of the best pitchers in the game the mets probably look at it from the standpoint of all right he's arbitration eligible for a couple more years so he's not like he's a free agent at the end of this season is still have under control for two more seasons after this then he becomes a free agent after two thousand twenty mets may figure you know what right now is we're trying to figure out which direction we're going to go as a franchise at least if we have them under our control we'd rather go to arbitration and give them a hefty raise for year as opposed to maybe signed him to a long term contract at the end of the day the mets are not trading jacob degrom okay everything that i've heard and everything that has been told to me is that they have cooled on moving either the grammar noah syndergaard they're shifting their focus maybe down to other pitchers like stephen matt sack wheeler to maybe move on from but the other thing that i counted with is if you also then in your next breath say that you think you can contend again in two thousand and nineteen with some better luck better health than why would you look to trade these guys you should be building around your starting pitching because starting pitching has actually been something that the mets have been pretty good at this year i e except for jason vargas who was a disaster as a free agent signing and still is as apparently no guarantee to get a spot back in.

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