Obama warns against 'strongman politics' in speech after Trump news conference


Statements at, Helsinki news conference with Vladimir Putin President Trump. Fried to undo the. Damage today except our intelligence communities conclusion Russia's meddling. In the two thousand sixteen election to the place but. He also said it could. Have been others to CBS as we ju- Jiang President Trump ignored an important question today that is will you now publicly denounced Vladimir Putin he didn't answer that Florida Republican. Senator Marco Rubio doesn't have any doubts I can tell you. What I believe what I know I don't even. Believe it I, know it the Russians most certainly under the direction. Of Ladimir Putin interfered, in our election primarily for purposes of putting a cloud over. The head of the next president Democrats are calling for a hearing on what happened in Mr. Trump's to our meeting with Putin. CBS news update I'm, Pam Coulter, President Trump learned anything from his walk Bank today it's that words matter especially on the world stage no. Matter what your political persuasion many. Americans considered the president's comments in. Helsinki very damaging is trying to do some real backflips here in this and fix it CNN, senior political analyst David Drucker Says it appears that White House advisers were able to convince the president just how juice who's comments really were shock. Really wasn't what he said it was where he said it and who he was standing next to and that's why I. Think it's, going to be hard for us to? Take this stand face value Drucker, says it now must be clear to the president that he's news conference with Ladimir Putin was. Not the overwhelming success he. Thought it was Chris Edens KNX ten seventy NewsRadio later this evening the president was tweeting quote the meeting between President Putin myself was a great success except in the fake. News media and quote former President Obama's blasting politicians who make. Stuff up his comments coming during a speech in. South Africa to, Mark the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of. Nelson Mandela in remarks, that are being seen as an attack on the current president. He says leaders play on people's fears the other loss of Shane among political leaders were they're caught alive and they just doubled. Up and they lost. Them all Let me say politicians have always loved but it used to be the bottom line That'd be like oh man Obama told his audience the world had been through. Darker times and lower, valleys he ended by saying if people can learn to hate that can. Be taught to love it Orange County congressman is, a close race for reelection and he's being criticized for comments about guns and children. That appeared on, Sasha baron, Cohen's new Showtime satire show who is America Cohen is in character in the shell proposing a plan that he says was implemented in Israel and armed children as young as four. To protect against terrorists Republican Dana, Rohrabacher said this already show maybe having young people trained to understand how to defend themselves and their school might. Actually make us safer here so Cal healthcare coalition protested Rohrabacher today and Honey debates Yussef rob with the coalition tells Kate actually can't believe what he heard a notion that. A sitting United, States congressman in this case dinner world Walker wants to give guns to students as. A defense against, school, shootings Is absolutely. Insane rocker was not available for comment but..

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