Stock futures in negative after five-month highs


WGN stock futures, are now, in the negative heading to the. Opening bell in about an? Hour and fifteen minutes, Dow futures off about ten points NASDAQ futures off about. Fourteen points the Dow up for four straight sessions and eleven out of the? Past thirteen trading days the p. coming off its highest close in February first NASDAQ chalked. Up another record high close mung the earnings out today abbot laboratories revenues at seven point seven million dollars and? That is up about seventeen percent in the second, quarter net income seven hundred eighteen million dollars. And its guidance for the year is looking positive as well now WGN traffic here is Mary. Vandevelde and. Traffic sponsored by the Illinois department of. Transportation the inbound Edens about twenty six from lake cook road on the earlier accident. At Jackson. Has been cleared it's about thirty two minutes out to the airport. Twelve to the Edens inbound forty two from O'Hare eighteen Locals thirteen express immunized. Hours and our from fifty three in. About forty four for Mannheim our also outbound to fifty three bound side of the Stevenson at State Street right. Lane blocked with an accident inbound forty six from the tri-state our five from three fifty five inbound Ryan thirty eight minutes from. Ninety five to downtown still recovering. From that up on Kennedy Jackson, accident the Bishop Ford at one hundred thirty slow.

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