'Lava bomb' flies through roof of Hawaii tour boat, injuring 23


Easy morning commute stay tuned to have your latest traffic update coming up in just a few minutes confidence in, my intelligence people but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in, his denial today a side-by-side press conference in that comment by President Trump after his meeting, with Russian President Vladimir Putin getting some strong, backlash this morning lawmakers from both sides of. The aisle upset the president did not take a tougher stance against Russia. To stays, ago special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation led to the indictment of twelve. Russian military officers some of the harshest criticism came from fellow Republicans like Senator Ben Sassi who called it bizarre and flat. Out wrong Senator John McCain said it was one of the most disgraceful performances buying American president in memory Indiana senators were quick to call for harsher action by. President Trump democratic, Senator Joe. Donnelly releasing a statement which said in part quote when given the. Chance to stand up. For our country and it security interests President. Trump instead and Bolden President Putin and quote and Republican Senator Todd young also releasing a statement reacting to the, president's criticism of the US intelligence saying quote I have no reason to doubt the clear conclusions, of the intelligence community when it comes to Moscow attempts to undermine our democracy and quote, terrifying new video captures the moment so so-called, lava bomb king falling out of the sky. Hit a tour boat injuring your doesn't on board the accident happening off. The coast, of Hawaii's big island yesterday afternoon the flying chunk of molten rock. Left a large hole in the boats roof and injured more than twenty three people thirteen had to be taken to the. Hospital while ten passengers suffered minor injuries the lava likely coming from some of the eruptions That had been nonstop since may one of all Keno erupted on the island a new memorial is coming to the church grounds in, Charleston were nine people were killed during, a worship service, the memorial for the victims at the Emmanuel African Methodist episcopal church has been, in the works for well over a, year now, but it was just really revealed there to the church congregation this memorial will feature two large curved, stone, benches, of fountain in a garden space one of the architects working on the project helped with the nine eleven memorial fundraising is now underway before, that construction can begin a scary. Fall caught on camera, a woman in Wisconsin ignoring the, flashing arms riding upper bridge that was raised to allow a boat to pass through below she, then rolled into one, of the cracks and got stuck several people eventually see she is stuck and help her get out luckily she was. Okay only suffering some injuries to her face but awfully terrifying there another number. One ranking for caramel the city just named best Place to live in America by another publication the latest ranking came from niche. Dot com. Or rankings in review website they took a, look at things like crime rates public schools cost of living job opportunities local amenities and Carmo was named the..

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