Wrestlers sue Ohio State over late doctor's 'rampant sexual misconduct'


And spend the next thirty days under survey Shen at their local hospitals and Massai which. Is about an hour's drive from here Banker ABC news Chiang, Rai Thailand, right she said who she was there Ohio State University, facing lawsuit claiming university. Administrators knew about sexual abuse allegations against a former athletic. Doctor or wrestlers are suing the, university claiming, coaches and. Administrators were repeatedly told about accusations, against, Richard Strauss who died in two thousand five the lawsuit claims that the abuse. Wasn't limited, to the wrestling team but happened to male athletes in fourteen, sports in April the university admitted it had opened an investigation into the accusations the lawsuit comes after former wrestlers accused Ohio. Congressman Jim Jordan of turning his back on the abuse accusations against the doctor while he was? An assistant. Wrestling coach of the university Jordan wasn't mentioned in the lawsuit. Mark Mayfield NBC News Radio can leak celebrating an eight six ten inning win over the National League in the MLB all-star game in DC Astros teammates Alex, Bergman bregman and George Springer hit back to back home runs on top of the temps to break up five all tie with the, AL in front for good and auto racing Star danika Patrick host, the twenty sixth annual..

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