Alaska Airlines Ditches Plastic Straws on All Flights


Is starting to line up on eastbound highway eighteen between the west valley highway highway one sixty seven. As well as on southbound 167 between fifteenth. Street south and highway four ten there's a six o'clock concert tonight, at the white river amphitheatre is causing heavier than, usual traffic at. This hour and, you're feeling a backup, on southbound five through Federal Way between highway eighteen and five and. Northbound five through Tacoma it stop, and go between highway sixteen, all the way to the Tacoma. Dome are next KOMO traffic at four zero four we're in for mostly clear Tomorrow high near. Eighty four and then it cools down a little Wednesday Thursday and Friday with highs in the mid seventies currently, eighty seven. Degrees and sunny in Seattle Boeing started off the Farnborough air show in Britain with some big announcements including orders for, forty eight new airplanes the. Company tweeting this morning it has an order from shipping. Giant DHL for fourteen triple seven freighters that deal is worth an estimated four point seven billion dollars starting today, all Alaska Airlines flights will take off without plastic straws. The airline is replacing all single use plastic straws and. Citrus picks on flights as well as in its airport lounges with sustainable versions that are harmful to marine life. Alaska is the first US airline to ban plastic straws American Airlines will follow, suit, and Alaska hoax to reduce in-flight, waste per passenger by seventy percent by twenty twenty and? I talked to some folks who own a restaurant recently and they said yeah we're getting rid of the straws but do you. Know how many gloves we use to we throw out, in a week when we're doing this point, so much that man going in the trash possibly more to come.

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