Rachael Ray's Natural Dog Food Brand Contains Potentially Harmful Herbicide, Lawsuit Claims


Are happening in five states today including a special congressional election in Ohio, democrat Danny O'Connor is facing off against Republican ROY ballers balls Hurson for Ohio's twelfth. District congressional seat it's a solid Republican district but the, racist. Said to be neck and neck President Trump recently traveled to Ohio to hold a campaign rally for balder. Sohn Jesse bomber is a reporter at the Cincinnati inquirer Danny O'Connor has really tried to appeal to both. Democrats. And Republicans he kind of passed to in the seat whereas it seems like Troy balder sin. Is really relying, on those. Republican voters to turn out for him, voters are also heading to the. Polls in Michigan Kansas Missouri in Washington state select candidates for November's midterm elections. Celebrity chef Rachel Ray is facing a five million dollar lawsuit a. New York man claims the labeling on rachel ray nutrition dog food is false deceptive and misleading the packaging tout's no artificial flavors or preservatives but the lawsuit argues that the dog food contains the chemical herbicides used in brands like round up the company that makes the dog food says it's reviewing the claim but stands behind the quality of its products and nonstop service we need tampa and l._a._x. on south west airlines started today the airline which serves thirty four percent of passengers at t._i._a._a. will fly once a day from the bay area to los angeles three zero five at newsradio nine seventy w._f._l. a whether snack s._r._p. invoice list price dealer price toby knapp here if your car shopping you've probably heard these terms but what do they mean it's so confusing well it was confusing not anymore let me tell you about true price from truecar it's a price that actually means something because it's the exact price you'll pay for the car you want including fees and accessories and best of all you'll know if you're true prices competitive because truecar shows you what other people are paying for the same car that you want so when you're ready.

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