San Diego Federal Judge Says “Great Progress” Made In Reuniting Families Separated At Border


Our community and to bring it to like People's Front doorsteps, planned events included. Protests today outside the office of Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher a community, forum at a church, in Irvine and a candlelight vigil and bonfire in Huntington beach and as for Republican Dana Rohrabacher he has never had any trouble winning election to the congress in Orange County but his longtime support of, Russia appears to be hurting him this time around, Rohrabacher. Says he met a few years ago Russia with Maria patina now accused by the Justice. Department of being a Russian spy Rohrabacher calls the charges against her bogus and stupid but in his reelection bid Republican voters told us that they wish that somebody Else was the Republican nominee in. This race that's Monmouth university pollster Patrick Murray pretty bad news for thirty year incumbent the poll, shows Rohrabacher and democrat Harley Rueda internet, heat, to Kelton KNX ten seventy NewsRadio a federal judge in San Diego is. Praising the Trump administration's efforts to meet his deadline to reunify reunite illegal immigrant children and parents who were separated at the border that deadlines next Thursday that's the deadline to return, all separated children over the age of five to their parents at a hearing, yesterday government lawyers said four. Hundred fifty of those, children have, already been reunited that left about two thousand more to go but the judge, said he was impressed with the progress so far the government. Was ordered earlier to return all separated children under the age, of five the ACLU. Is trying to win American citizenship for a Korean-born woman who'd been living in Gardena and has served four years. In the u. s. army, g. c. had thought her military service would qualify Her for citizenship but instead she's being honorably. Discharged by the army because the, government claims she illegally obtained the student visas she needed to enlist her lawyers say she believed the visa was valid and only found out. Later that one of the documents she. Used to get it was a fake so the ACLU is asking an l. a. federal judge to force the government to process a new application for citizenship, state, investigators find, California prison guards often fail to follow the rules when using force. California Department of corrections and rehabilitations own review of the more than thirty seven hundred use. Of force incidents reported, during the second, half of last year finds policy violations in nearly half of them a new report from the state. Office of the inspector general says investigators agreed with the vast majority. Of the departments determinations but identified even more instances of non-compliance investigators find officer sometimes. Failed to adequately explain their need to use force and some cases their own accents may have contributed to the need to use force a CDC our spokesperson says in a statement they do not take The use of force slightly they are reviewing the reports recommendations. And vows they will continue to improve training and procedures Claudia fescue KNX ten seventy NewsRadio investigators of jailed the grandfather of. A two year old girl who was accidentally shot by. Her four, year old cousin in San Bernardino county sheriff's officials say, the man has been arrested on suspicion..

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