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Then the biggest question that segments has Phil did he get the job the McDonalds shop that's the that's the question I'm not sure if the police officer knows He said, he hopes he gets. The hopes he. Gets the, job maybe it hasn't hasn't second, interview. They're going to thirty you know if you want to get a job Donald six interview process so we'll see all, right headlines now sponsored by new balance Chicago here's Steve presented sixty three degrees on our way today to seventy seven in the latest revelation President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen claims the Donald Trump had advanced knowledge of the Trump Tower meeting were Russians were expected to offer a dirt on Hillary Clinton Trump has. Repeatedly denied having any knowledge of that meeting a man on a divvy bikes stole a. Woman's purse as she was walking with friends and then let south loop it. Happened just after twelve thirty today in the, seven hundred block of south State. Street the thirty five year old woman was walking southbound on state, with three friends when a robber approached on a divvy. Bike he grabbed her purse and crashed the, bike into friends is he, was trying to? Make a getaway a violent. Home invasion in Chicago's park manor neighborhood police Three people broke into a seventy four year, old woman's home restrained. Her with duct. Tape and, robbed her it happened near sixty, seventh. In prairie the suspect were armed with knives and taped her mouth enhance robbers according to police still several electronics and, other household items before fleeing the scene in a car and those are the headlines WGN sports is sponsored by northwestern football Chicago's big ten team the Blackhawks convention starts today the eleventh edition with a couple dozen current players and prospects more than twenty alumni including the likes of Jeremy Roenick newly named ambassador Chris. Chelios and even try Murray Rokon and Nana devante are live at the convention today at. Three and we'll bring you live coverage of the opening ceremonies at five o'clock. Here on WGN the cubs are hoping gave, bolstered their Iraq starting rotation by. Adding veteran left-hander Cole hamels deal with Texas for a couple of, minor leaguers and a player to be named cash also Said to be involved hamels thirty four five, and nine, this year for the last place Rangers the cubs beat Arizona yesterday seven six and their, leaders two and a half games over the brewers rallied to beat San Francisco last night. Seventy six Josh hater whose seven-year-old racist tweets surfaced during the all star game pitched on the road for the first time since two chorus of boos and ended up the winning. Pitcher White Sox fell to the angels yesterday twelve eight. Despite matching a season high with six home runs to each for Jose Abreu and. Daniel polka and the socks who traded reliever Joakim Soria to. The brewers are back home tonight to take on the Blue Jays who traded pitcher j hap-. To the Yankees we'll have tonight's game at six thirty five we'll talk to Steve Stone this morning at eight. Forty bears get back on the field within the hour, and burbenay second of three consecutive padded practices for them and football season's just around the, corner Ryan field is home to the best schedule in the nation this fall as Michigan Notre Dame and, more visit, Evanston season, and single game tickets on sale now at an you sports dot com on the home of the Blackhawks the northwestern Wildcats now White Sox baseball Dave WGN sports.

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