Houston Rockets extend Clint Capela



Through the weekend, with upper nineties in. The forecast through Sunday and Monday I think we'll see a little bit of a change to the weather pattern. For early August next week with thunderstorms taken over for. Much. Of Texas. By Tuesday and Wednesday we could be included, in that mid seventies for the overnight tonight partly cloudy. Hot and ninety seven degrees on Saturday upper nineties on Sunday I'm Scott Lawrimore at. The Weather Channel eighty eight now under mostly clear skies at the KTAR h top tax, defenders twenty four hour weather center KTAR h news time nine. Oh one our top story President Trump join KTAR ages Sean Hannity this afternoon to discuss several topics among, them the upcoming midterm elections in which the president predicts Republicans will do better than expected I will be campaigning, for all of these great people that do have a difficult brace and we think we're going, to bring them over the line so I really, believe that because we're doing, so well as a country and. So well with, the economy I. Think we're going to be A surprising a lot of people president vowing to. Hit the campaign trail as much as six to seven. Days. A week. In the weeks leading up to election day, a judge today ordered the Houston livestock show rodeo to. Follow a separate lawsuit against former television reporter Wayne pheno over a public records request. He made on behalf of an alleged rape victim stems from countersuit the rodeo filed against, twenty four year old Briana Williams who claims she was assaulted. Along a trail ride back in two thousand twelve ultra Fino's now seeking records in the, rodeos finances past, sexual harassment allegations and security issues One single report of a crime ever happening at the rodeo in the last few years that's not possible he spoke with RTD, partner channel to the rape trial involving this Williams set to, begin September third a sixty three year, old construction worker died every was run over my forklift in the heights today happened. On Lawrence near twenty-third and shepherd police say the victim was helping guide another construction. Worker who was operating the forklift. Somehow the driver lost sight of the victim who ended up track between the front and rear tyres the operator of the forklift was questioned and released gun control advocates dismayed by a recent federal ruling that allows a Texas nonprofit to resume posting blueprints for three d. printed guns online State Department. Reversed its earlier position that Cody Wilson is Austin-based defense distributed had to stop posting the blueprints online which he first started doing back in two thousand thirteen coalition of gun control groups this week filed an appeal. In federal court to block that decision claiming the guns, while lewd metal detector Actors and background checks and have no serial numbers Nick ranking bitch NewsRadio. Seven, forty KTAR each KTAR h. news. Time nine oh three the rockets of science center Clint Capella to a five year contract extension worth a reported ninety million dollars twentyfold Capello was. The runner up for the NBA most improved player last season, after, averaging career of nearly fourteen points eleven rebounds in two blocks per game ESPN NBA insider Adrian ward Morales ski says it's the, same contract the rockets offered cappella weeks ago the marketplace was, really devoid of salary cap space for, a team to give Capella offer sheet he would have needed to take back to. Houston and having them match rockets are also still considered the front runners to sign. Veteran star Carmelo Anthony One noticeable absence from Texans training camp this week linebacker avian clown who so far. Hasn't taken part and he drills clowney underwent knee surgery in the off. Season and. Head coach Bill O'Brien says they're being cautious I'm not concerned about him though I think we're just you know he didn't because of his rehab and all that wasn't able to be not as so we're just trying to. Be intelligent about the way we bring. Him back home. Brian says..

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