Recordings show rapid weather change before fatal duck boat accident


This hour from townhall dot com Patrick foss Is knowing it adapts about a Trump Tower meeting in two thousand sixteen between a, Russian lawyer his eldest son in other campaign aides according, to CNN longtime. Trump lawyer Michael Cohen claims the president knew in advance about the meeting and is willing to share that information with. Special counsel Robert Muller President Trump. Tweeted, that no he did not know of the meeting Trump campaign officials and family members met with the. Russian lawyer June two thousand. Sixteen believing she had damaging information about, Hillary Clinton, Greg, Clugston Washington President the NTSB. Says, recording show a, rapid change in the weather before a duck boat psychotic misery lake earlier this month National Transportation Safety. Board investigators say conditions on table. Rock lake near, Branson Missouri. Night of July nineteenth changed rapidly from calm to deadly dangerous the captain and, driver boarded the duck boat at six twenty seven. PM at, the, excursion with thirty one people on. Board began on land the boat entered the water at six fifty five pm but at seven oh four a Bill Jill arm sounded and activated, again three minutes later a private inspector says the Bill, JR alarm would. Have indicated significant amount of water in the hall seventeen people died in the accident I Mike Rossier deadly fire northern. California has many residents running the. Fast, moving wildfire surprised many in Redding California who suddenly had to run for their lives TV reporter Julia. Avery on KRC RTD just. Shocking this is reading right now just, glowing from, all All directions how fire spokesman Scott mcclain's hold CBS this morning we actually had, a few fire tornadoes within this area that moved..

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