EPA will enforce 'glider truck' limits after states sue


Forty at KNX ten seventy a federal judge is leaning against granting a gag order in the stormy gandules lawsuit against the president and his. Former attorney the president's, former attorney says Daniels is is talking too much and too often smearing his client and. Made the request for the gag order during? A hearing today Daniels is attorney? Michael avenue fired back with this? Request, and. Michael Cohen and his. Attorney why don't they release all these recordings today why don't. They release the information why don't they go on national Television disclose. To the American people really, what happened here he also. Came for Cohen again, no, business, having a, law license and ultimately I predict he. Will be disbarred the former porn, actress is, suing, to have a nondisclosure agreement, tossed out. So she can, talk about her. Alleged affair, with President Trump, Karen Adams can x. Ten seventy NewsRadio the government's latest figures show the us economy growing at a rapid pace, President Trump celebrated that news today. In, the white House Rose Garden once again we are the, economic envy of the entire world fresh from this week's trade victory with the European Union President Trump is touting newly released government data. That shows the US economy grew four point one percent from April to June that's up from two point two percent during the first quarter. And the fastest pace, in four years we've accomplished an economic turnaround of historic proportions Angelica Alvarez CBS news the. White House analysts are now looking into the? Economic numbers to see exactly what? They reflect real growth or political Tweaking continue. To have these strong growth rates as long as our government can continue to borrow money and sort, of massive quantity Chris Thornberg beacon economics making, the, case, that the, amount of money the Trump administration has been borrowing might make these numbers appear stronger than might actually be the case Republicans were dead set against this back during the Obama administration what Obama was doing this in the context of course the great recession Thornburgh adding How comfortable everybody doing this in the context of an otherwise healthy economy the president is taking credit for the numbers and until proven otherwise. It's a strong political position moving into the midterm election to Kelton. Kenniston seventy, NewsRadio on, Scott Pruitt's final, days as the head of the EPA the agency is taking away a break for makers of high pollution diesel trucks acting administrator Andrew Wheeler says Pruitt appeared to, have overstepped, his thirty in the. July sixth order which bar the agency from enforcing an Obama era cap on the annual production of higher polluting tractor. Trailers known as glider trucks the earlier had estimated that unchecked production of those, quater trucks, could cause, sixteen, hundred premature deaths annually, from air. Pollution the reversal was one of Wheeler's first, breaks with the policies of his predecessor Bill Rakoff CBS news Washington coming up on KNX ten seventy there are a. Number fires burning in, California including the San Bernardino national forest and near the northern. California city of reading will update you on. Some scary, situations in a few cases Also some information, on the southbound four zero five that crash in Carson will update that at seven forty five with Chuck seven forty. Three now KNX ten.

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