Back in the college game, Chip Kelly focused on winning at UCLA


Chip Kelly was gone to the different chip Kelly. When he left college. Football is at the top of his game, maybe not a national championship, but he built in Oregon program that was. At best good into a program that was excellent. And the second he likes citing top and very innovative. And then once he left and then Marcus mariota stay for another year for Markelle Fultz another couple years, whatever it was that whole organ thing, just kind of fizzled and they're, they're good. Again. They're not great. They're not, but good unions, the great Younis great facilities on he's a UCLA now piece in ESPN dot com. Talking about him and his approach, and it'll be interesting to see how it goes because I don't think anybody really cares how peculiar he is long as their winning games, but you can only be peculiar if you are winning and he doesn't really go for anything that isn't the film isn't really the players isn't really the game and college football. You have to have a little glad-handing go along with this unless you're just even Nick Sabin glad-handing little bit. I mean, that's one of the issues that lane kiffin had for years is he. I wasn't great around the people that he needed to be great. You know the the raw raw stuff lie the glad-handing, the the important handshakes that you need to make. That's not one lane kiffin does. May I always find it ironic that people would talk about how great he was as a recruiter, which means you're great in a room. I'm willing to believe it, but that also means you're only good in a room with very specific people like once their age extends beyond nineteen, right? You apparently have no social skills and chip Kelly is one of these guys that just seems like he has. He's he's almost like a football Rainman. Yeah, you know what I mean? Like he, he just he's one of these guys. That's a football savant. And in his lane, he's a genius. But if he's six inches outside of either side of the lane, he's just painfully uncomfortable. Yeah, I, I've told the story before when I was living in Houston and working there, they have the Lombardi awards where they bring in people, and there's a coach of your word, and there was a panel of all these guys and they. I mean, Mike Sherman was head coach. Texas a. and m. at the time, Bobby Bowden was there. There was one or two other guys in chip Kelly was there as well. Kevin, someone was there who's at Houston at the time. And all these guys get up and and do a ten minute speech on their program, and they're all great. They're captivating. They'll be room is laughing. Everybody's listening. They're good with their timing on the jokes. They're good with telling the stories, boom, boom, phone, like a comedian. That's got a really tight little said ten minutes in. They're often everybody's throat. And then chip Kelly comes up and it's like things everybody coming out and went and sat back down. Again. It was like, we will. What they lights come on this big banquet room and people start moving towards the coaches. Thanks, autographs, and all this kind of stuff. And Kelly practically ran for the exit and it's like, wow, he must be on this whole time. I thinking you don't good of a football coach. You have to be to to have that be your deal and still people are lining up to give you millions of dollars goat your

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