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You knew the risks when you decided to drive drunk. There could be a crash people could get hurt or killed, but that didn't stop. You did it. You knew you could get arrested, you can incur huge legal expenses and you could possibly even lose your job. You were well aware of the consequences of driving drunk, but one thing's for sure you were wrong. When you said it was no big deal drive, sober, forget pulled over. This message brought to you by nitsa. It's Ross Duggar football on gassed. Yeah, it is, but it's not just any Ross Tucker, football podcast. It is a teaching to toil Thursday. Yes, we know that's redundant. If you're new here. Well, it's a long story, but yes, it's a teaching tutorial. Thursday presented by seek get the app on your phone. It's like kayak, but for tickets, use the code, Tucker, twenty dollars off already. Really low prices. Using that promo code Tucker, specially for preseason football, I highly recommend it. We only have a couple more weeks of three times a week here on the Ross Tucker, football podcast. Then we are going daily Monday through Friday every day for your NFL conversation. We've got you covered. There's no place else need to go. We will always have the best interviews. We. We will always let you know exactly what's going on in the league and you'll have Brian's wit and charm and my blabbering in blathering. I think most of, you know, since the name of the podcast is the Ross Tucker, football podcast. But anyway, I'm a former offensive lineman five teams, seven years. Enjoy getting chance to talk about football with you guys and enjoy talking with Greg Cosell this week. It's our first week breaking down preseason week, one action before somebody. Other games kicked off tonight wanted to get his thoughts on guys like Baker Mayfield, Sam darnold, Josh, Allen, Chad, Kelly. Nobody breaks the tape down better than Greg Cosell's. We'll get to that momentarily. I do need to let you know who these sponsor confirmation Email winner is. All that means is anytime you sign up for anything right in life, it seems like you get an Email confirmation. They you for signing up. Thank you presenting it. So if you do that for any of our sponsors that are on the sponsor page over at Ross, Tucker dot com or just after you hear me, mention them here on the show forward that Email to me Ross at Rostock dot com and ask a question or just get your free month over at tuck heads dot com or whatever it is you'd like and you're automatically entered to win something signed from me as well personalize it right to you, whatever you want me to write. All right. I don't care anyway. The winner this week, Michael farmer because he sent me both a one eight hundred flowers read and a casper read. So thank you very much, Michael. That is excellent and you're the winner. So emailed me again, Ross at Ross, Tucker dot com. Let me know what you want and we'll hook you up. My man hooking up everybody until September first with a free month at tuck heads dot com. Some of the newbies like Tony and Michael Jensen. They've been awesome. Very, very good solid edition so far, very much enjoying it. And remember there's a spread the word winner contests every week as well. That's just a retweets on Twitter or a like on Facebook. Don't be that dude. That's too shy. Nobody's gonna lose any followers or friends because you like it on Facebook or re tweeted on Twitter. Trust me, big Showtime. All right, Gregg been waiting for this for a long time and by the way, great reaction so far to our Greg summer vacation interview from last week, people really enjoyed that and diving deep on the RPO stuff and what the next level is for that. So good to have you back buddy. We got some preseason games to breakdown preseason week one so far. So I guess before we dive in specific players, Greg, my question would be how much in general stock do you put in the preseason performance of specific players, especially the guys wind up talking the most about which is usually the young quarterbacks. The first game, not too much because I think it's more of a glorified scrimmage.

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