Forget nausea and sweating — a side effect of this drug is lucid dreaming



You've heard of a lucid. Dream right it's, when you're asleep but able to reach a state of consciousness that allows you to become, fully aware of the fact that you're asleep and dreaming and it kind of allows you to control your dream German study couple, years back down that about half the people have one true, lucid dream in, their, lifetime, but according to, a study from university of Wisconsin Madison and the lucidity. Institute in Hawaii there may be a medication that could help along the lucid dreaming It's called galena mean it's typically used to control the rate of memory loss in people with Alzheimer's researchers say a chemical that has been found to. Promote lucid dreams and people also happens to be in gallon, in, their study about six hundred. Ten people who took a higher dosage of the drug successful in achieving lucid dreams when they also practice what is called a mild technique which. Is known to induce lucid dreams more. Research they. Say it's needed but if you want to, check it out the, mild technique. Is something a lot of people, do? And it just kind, of get you in the zone and then you can kind of start to dictate your dream

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