NSA deletion of more than 685 million call records raises questions


Newsradio twelve hundred w newsradio twelve hundred w away i news director jim forsyth is at main plaza downtown for san antonio's version of an antitrump immigration rally one of more than one hundred scheduled across the us for today jim i'm seeing signs air saying things like the united states is kidnapping children pictures of children with signs reading i'm in a baby prison and a lot of opposition to president trump a lot of people wearing t shirts reading impeach there's a sign in front of me right now united states unite families this is is a rally that is opposing the white house's zero tolerance plan toward immigrants at the border even though president trump has signed an order ending the divide the division of families a lot of these people don't believe it's happening at a lot of these people want zero tolerance to go away on main plaza jim foresights newsradio twelve hundred w police in maryland continue their probe into an attack that left five people dead in a newsroom in annapolis as a small memorial take shape outside the offices of the capital gazette newspaper in annapolis we have learned a bit more about the alleged gunman thirty eight year old jared ramos accused of gunning down five newspaper employee's in a brutal attack police today being stymied though because they say ramos is not cooperating ramos is believed to have had a long simmering feud with the newspaper and at one point he sued for defamation a case he lost was that behind this attack that terrorized not just the newspaper offices but a number of other nearby businesses and this morning rama's continues to sit in jail without bond following years of controversy and numerous missteps the national security agency is deleting millions of phone records it collected for what it says were national security reasons six hundred eighty five million call records will be erased these records the nsa collected from telecommunications companies since twenty fifteen the agency says it's due to quote technical irregularities but some speculate it might be because the program failed the data collection practice got some controversial press when former nsa contractor edward snowden leaked documents pointing to widespread government surveillance in two thousand fifteen congress passed a law saying the nsa could no longer collect call records and.

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