Ex-NASA astronaut: World Asteroid Day – Will we defend our planet together or perish like the dinosaurs?


Is the fourth annual asteroid day hundreds of events being held around the world to raise awareness of the big space rocks the possible dangers they pose to the earth and their possible benefits they could provide the space explorers dr tom jones planetary scientists and four times shuttle astronauts talks to us via skype they offer metals which we can use for construction of both habitats and spacecraft and eventually we can use the organic material that's contained in a lot of asteroids to build up a chemical refinery in space that can help us create a permanent human presence on other worlds in the solar system nasa estimates that there are around ten million asteroids but none poses significant threat to the earth wbz news time six eleven well they played one of three next to should be just as exciting as last night that's the red sox and yankees of course in the bronx let's get the latest from the ticket dot com sports studio in charlie birger charles these two teams keep jockeying back and forth atop the al they're both there now is the yankees opened that threegame set with the red sox last night in the bronx with an eight two one win inky started tabatha held the red sox to just one run through seven innings he he stays in the edge of the strike zone fastballs up in auspey back door down in a way not too many inches down the middle he was good it was good tonight's red sox manager alex cora yankees got back to back home runs in the fourth from miguel and do har and greg bird to take a five nothing lead sox starter edwato rodriguez went six innings allowed the five runs so tonight game two with chris sale pitching for the red sox against sonny gray free agency begins tomorrow in the national hockey league and bruins general manager don sweeney saying looks like backup netminder anton khudobin will be signing elsewhere and although the bruins met with free agent john virus earlier in the week no word is to the level of interest of ours has to come this way nba free agency also begins tomorrow celtics president of basketball operations danny ainge not ready to reveal what his team has in mind as far as moving forward is concerned but they do have first round draft pick rob williams in the fold and he was asked about what his emphasis will be when he practices with his new team tomorrow as they get ready for summer early play absorbing information i can give from my teammates coaches players.

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