Making Phoenix A 'Soccer Town'


Of my my kids will be like i've had time daddy i mean like look i understand that could hurt sports participation overall video games other technology you know there's so many different factors what could help sports interest gambling now being legalized i mean a lot of factors play in when you're talking about different regions of the country that's fair because maybe middle america where football is so entrenched as a way of life in some of the points i make about football don't don't land as hard and the the the expansion of soccer isn't as prevalent however also there's changing demographics of the country i think i don't know what the exact breakdown is but spanich americans are becoming a larger and larger portion of the country and of course that would likely help the interest in soccer when you're just comparing baseball soccer however i think when i say basketball and soccer going to be the the two biggest sports clearly i think the reaction most people are going to have what are you crazy you what are you saying about football and to me that has more to do with i think the real possibility the decline of football that i don't believe people are giving enough credence to based on how extremely popular it is right now but when when it's just against baseball there was a survey done recently where amongst younger people soccer was already more popular than baseball and amongst the overall sample they took people had since the last time they did the same survey soccer really caught up the baseball so i think that's only a matter of time they're already more kids playing soccer than there are kids playing youth baseball or youth football and when you're talking about young kids they're more into soccer than baseball and i think the overall population that's not that far away i think by the i'll say this by the time the world cup is here in two thousand twenty six soccer will be more popular liz gallup poll last year ever since nineteen ninetysix the popularity of mls has been increasing and last year gal did a poll in seven percent of americans said that it was their favorite sport soccer which was the highest i was referencing the younger kids the gallup poll actually liked it better than baseball and in the whole thing it was like baseball was at nine percent and soccer was at seven percent or something like that it was it was growing in the overall sample and then you look at overall attendance like with the five major sports and sock mls was third averaging over twenty one thousand per game which is impressive considering most people you know i think the biggest hindrance to be honest is that people know the mls is not the top tier league right and if there was a top tier league if there was the nba or mlb or nfl of soccer i think that would already be celebrating it but when it comes to the world cup right now it's about the kickoff elimination knockout round round of sixteen whenever you want to call it about to start today after having that that first group stage done where are you right now are you into the world cup or not then i'll let you make lebron's free agency decision for them eight five five two one two four two two seven eight five five two one.

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