Hundreds unite for valley Families Belong Together rally


It's dog days of summer brendan carroll has to work in this weather how do you stay cool today you have to be outside yeah well i have a little office in there and i keep by six or seven water bottles in the mini freezer got over there he cleans up here at malibu beach so folks like ben who's been here for three hours already can bask in the sun here cooked out here are you yeah it's it's pretty warm today with not much wind in dorchester bill marcus wbz newsradio ten thirty nine any way you can keep cool i guess boston's police commissioner says about five thousand people took part in yesterday's families belong together rally in boston wbz's karyn regal was there imagine the brick basin of city hall plaza pole filter the brand with people hoisting signs reading my american clues everyone and abolish is senator elizabeth warren spoke to a crackling mike this isn't about politics this isn't about democrats or republicans this is about human beings as the crowd marched through the streets of the comment i spoke with one young woman who had her three month old son with her now thinking about what these families are going especially having a newborn taken from she couldn't continue on the common karyn regal wbz newsradio ten thirty and all across the country there were similar protests and rallies denouncing the trump administration zero tolerance immigration policy many were inspired by the now discontinued practice of separating children from parents crossing the border illegally knx reporter cooper rummell was at the march in los angeles cooper rummell thousands of demonstrators marched through downtown la to an ice detention center as part of the nationwide families belong together rally separating kids like that they're dramatize another protester says he thinks president trump needs to do some soul searching and reunite children who were separated from their parents at the border immediately we are the most powerful and richest country we are trained people this way it means that we are not really proud facing what is important others at the rally called for is to be abolished and they want congress to ensure family separation policies will never be enforced again cooper rummell for cbs news los angeles wbz news time five oh three the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on.

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