U.K.'s senior official in charge of Brexit resigns


Bbc radio four john humphreys nick robinson and kathy clugston who has a summary of the news the brexit secretary david davis has resigned from the government in a letter to theresa may he sent her plan for the future relationship with the eu meant it looked less and less likely that the uk would leave the customs union and the single market mr davis said the proposals agreed by the cabinet checkers on friday would make control by parliament illusory and hand power over large swathes of the economy to brussels in response the prime minister said she did not agree with his characterization the junior brexit minister steve baker has also quit jacob reese mark who leads the european research group of brexit supporting tori mp's said the resignation should force mrs may to reconsider her approach a murder inquiry has been launched in wiltshire following the death of a woman exposed to a nerve agent don starches was forty four fell ill last weekend just a few from where the former russian agents had against paul and his daughter poisoned in march her partner who was also exposed to novi chalk remains in a critical condition rescue teams are thought to have resumed their attempts to bring out the nine remaining members of a youth football team trapped in a flooded cave in thailand four were brought to safety yesterday and are said to be in good health the group have been trapped deep underground for more than two weeks officials in japan say one hundred people are known to have died after days of torrential rain caused by flooding and landslides many others are still missing two million people have been ordered to evacuate homebuilders and england may have to include electric car charging points in their designs under proposals being put forward to reduce emissions from road traffic the government is launching a consultation which will also propose that charging points are fitted to new lamp posts and at new office blocks across the uk prince louis the youngest child of the duke and duchess of cambridge is to be christened today he'll be baptized at the chapel royal at saint james's palace the time is now twenty five to seven david davis has dropped a bomb shell and the howard her boss eleven lost ninety announced he'd resigned as brexit secretary norman smith is our assistant political editor and ob so it coming normal well it's certainly taken most of westminster by surprise but reading david davis's resignation letter you slightly wondering why he didn't go sooner because he lists a long line of things he's been unhappy about clearly for some time he accuses mrs may of as he puts it progressively diluting some of the brexit objectives around giving the uk the freedom to diverge he's unhappy at the sequencing of the talks discussing the divorce arrangements before the trade deal he's unhappy at the arrangements or northern ireland he's unhappy at the handling of the brexit white paper clearly he feels that's been taken out of his control but it's checkers which seems to have crystallized all his grievances in particular this idea of signing up to the eu rulebook which he says will make supposed control by parliament illusory and he appears to be questioning whether on the current trajectory it will be possible to deliver on the referendum and on the pledges to leave the customs union and a single market and he sounds a warning that having made those sort of concessions that are contained in checkers dangers is brussels simply asks for more and he says let me just quote you hear the general direction of policy will leave us in at best a week negotiating position and possibly an inescapable one now when you put all that together you're thinking cranky how did he stay in so long i mean the view from number ten is that it is primarily a difference of tactics i would suggest it looks a lot more profound than that but the reaction of tim i think is to hope that the sort of waters close over that this is if you like a forty eight hour hiatus and then life moves on certainly there's no sign that mrs may is going to rewrite checkers their view is that reality is now kicking in jobs businesses at risk we have to move quickly in these negotiations and this package though difficult to sell can be sold so there's no sign that mrs maes going to back off from the checkers deal unless of course others pile in what is boris johnson likely to do how's he going to.

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