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Hi sam hi this is colleen from the good news podcast how are you i'm great how are you funny i should i call you sam or samuel usually go by sam in the public okay perfect so hold on one second my co host neal hopping on the phone i sam how are you so as you guys can already tell we're talking to this guy sam yeah that sam barsky he knits the most amazing artistic sweaters they armies and they are tested their incredible it's it is textile art yeah can you just describe some of these letters for the listeners because we are in a audio medium we earn an audio medium one of his most famous sweaters i would argue is of the golden gate bridge a very accurately knit golden gate bridge on a sweater and he's just standing there next like on the one end of the golden gate bridge with getting his picture taken with the actual bridge in the background while he's wearing the sweater and it's just a funny he looks very matter of fact he's just like i'm here and i just happened to be wearing a sweater that exactly matches my surroundings he always smiles all of his picture yeah so tell us how you got into knitting chain people around over years of college that looks interesting looks like something i wanted to some day i finally one day i met at a flea market the owners of your shop i have never met before and i asked them where where'd you go.

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