Firefighters gain on California wildfires as weather cooperates


Stop in north west fresno dominate mcandrew cam j news president trump has chosen fiftythreeyearold brad kavanagh is nominee to the supreme court democratic senator dianne feinstein says the president wants a justice who is pro gun and pro life when you combine president trump's repeated promises about is prolife and progun nominees and kavanagh's record there's every reason to believe that this nominee will fulfill those promises the farm bill conference in washington dc could be slow cam jay's ron mccarey has the story lawmakers are back on capitol hill this week but getting the farm bill to the finish line may be a slow process the hagstrom report speculates that the process will be sluggish based on statements from the office of pat roberts chairman of the senate agriculture committee his office stated that the chairman looks forward to working with his counterparts to provide certain and predictability for farmers adding that the work includes identifying common ground and working through differences in the weeks ahead and that work takes time to get right both chambers passed a version of the bill last month house agriculture committee chair mike conway's office says the staff is working through the legislation and hope to begin the formal conference as soon as possible the current farm bill is set to expire later this year run the k km j news weather conditions are improving enough to allow firefighters a chance to gain some ground on several wildfires burning in the west including here in california the winds are still a concern although they are lighter temperatures are expected to increase in some areas but decrease in others and there is a significant amount of moisture in the air thanks to a monsoonal push all of that says cal fire celeste prescott has firefighters working feverishly now to gain as much containment as possible on dozens of wildfires keeping our head on his wiggle and keeping our situational awareness biggest concern the calama th on fire burning on both sides of the california oregon border so far it's burned more than thirty six thousand acres destroyed nearly one hundred homes killed one person injured three firefighters jim roope los angeles over to wall street the dow up one hundred thirty three points currently it's twelve three k m j valley weather right now ninety two degrees at radio city mostly sunny and hot this afternoon a high of one hundred and one mainly clear overnight low of seventy one then for your wednesday partly sunny and a little hotter a high of one hundred.

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