Trump pardons Oregon ranchers who inspired refuge standoff


Good afternoon i'm brad ford our top story the to oregon ranchers who were the reason for the malheur national wildlife refuge takeover ben pardon by president trump white ham had two years on his sentence steve hammond had one year remaining berry bishou president of the oregon farm bureau says the obama administration's extension to the sentenced to five years was excessive and vindictive is just a great day for for the hammonds clearly and it's a great day for oregon the national agriculture showing that there are people that actually care the hammonds were convicted of setting a fire on their land that spread onto federal grazing land oregon federal judge michael hogan said the five year sentence was grossly disproportionate to the severity of the offenses hammond sentence was the reason ammon bundy led the takeover of the malheur national wildlife refuge all members of the youth soccer team and their coach been rescued from the partially flooded cave and northern thailand air force captain jessica tate with the us team that advised and assisted in the rescue says they're thrilled the rescue is over but they're saddened by the death of a tie navy seal has been working nonstop effort and i mean the sacrifices in terms of the time in terms of you know the equipment in terms of your expertise and and for him you know the alternate sacrifice of life in their coach will remain hospitalized for about a week two of the boys are being treated for pneumonia backers of an antiabortion major appear to have enough signatures to get it on the ballot in november governor kate brown plans to fight it initiative petition one would set a dangerous precedent by cherry picking which medical procedures.

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