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A science experiment gone terribly wrong. Here's what's coming up on the nice guys on business. I going to tell you when you said that like a hundred fucking comments fly through my mind is such a softball like I've so they're low. Andy walks. The bases loaded on twelve straight pitches. How can the nice guys Lael pitches that close? I, thou shall take out the holy pin, then thou shalt count to three, no, more. No less four, thou shalt not count, then count thou to expecting thou then proceed to three five is right out. Once the number three being the third number be reached. Then lavas thou the holy hand grenade of Antioch towards the nice guys on business need an education on how to grow your business. The nice guys are here to help learn about great customer service networking and how just being nice can help you prosper. Now hero, you're. Host, Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner your fourteen percent or are we going to crap out? Do we need a quick episode. Oh, I see. They turned off the mega maze. So I've got a fourteen percent more WI fi before it dies and nuts. So it's ok, never. Okay. Joining to stop recording some reasons. Why that you need to tell me. Do we have anything private lives? Nothing. Right. Hey, look and fans. Welcome back. Welcome back by the way, whatever it is the beginning of this recording. I'm sure it's all going to be in the recording because you know what? There's nothing private between Doug and I, it's all about the fuck advanced love you guys in. We are completely transparent with you. I don't even. I can't even imagine what in my life would be so private that I cannot share it with the nice guys on business podcast. What would that be? Imagine anything so private that I couldn't share it with the three or four thousand people download every episode of this easy asked show. It's not like anybody ever held anything against me in really. I mean, never. I mean, I've, I've talked relationship stuff. I've talked health stuff. I've talked GMO things you and I have gotten in arguments. I've gotten in arguments with with ex wives. I've had my kids on the show. I mean, what? What else could possibly go wrong on this show? Well, having said that I'm going to spend the virtual meal. Yeah, I don't have the wheel because I'm not at home. Right? But I'm, I'm still in Connecticut. I know come for anybody that doesn't know anything about banking as listen to the Tuesday show. We talked about sensitively, so go back and listen. If you didn't listen, hang on. I'm looking through the topics because the tie what you just said about being transparent is one of your topics. And now I can't. I don't know on being transparent was one of the topics. I mean a happy to talk. About transparency but was topics. It was indirectly topic because it was something about your relationships. Where's that topic? Oh, yeah, yeah. Whitney. The topic was I wanted to my relationship, woes and successes. I wanted to share one men women, and that's exactly. Okay. Doug, go ahead please. It's actually actually so so JJ zan's. And created this other podcasts because struggle with tired of hearing, hearing me being the why. Why he knows bitch. Tired of it. So JJ and I while she had already had this show called, I spell the wrong actually put men, women and relationships as actually. But it is women men in relationships. Some. Sorry, I'm laughing because as you're saying that looking at the page in one note chain, you're making changes to Beijing. I wanna to make sure it's very clear what I did I corrected myself. So if you if you were curious exactly what has happened, speaking of total transparency, it's not that I don't wanna share exactly what has happened in my life, but Strickland is frankly, he's probably tired of hearing it for me and everybody that knows me because all they do is complain about how all I do is complain. So we're, we're talking about total transparency, right? Yeah, sure. Go ahead. I'm going to be totally transparent with. Okay, I am. I am far less tired of hearing about your relationship Bose. I don't want to say I find it interesting. Interesting makes them sound kind of trite and it's because your your relationship was more the trait. They're very important four before you share what you're about to share, though I wanna let you know that the next sentence that you say you're going to hurt my feelings. Well, maybe possible. Things more. What I'm totally fine hearing about your because I think any information about relationships, whether they're good better and different, I think is great information for people to hear and learn. I'm much. I'm not really tired of hearing about that. I am tired of hearing about how fucking corn is the worst on nude body in fucking GMO's in the chemicals and the all the fucking California should that you've adopted less two months. So hold up. Hold up. Hold up. It's interesting. You say that because when we had our production call just earlier tonight, I was explaining the trials and tribulations of trying to put my essential oils in my diffuser. Thank you. That's exactly piling on his exactly the kind of that. I am really fucking. That's the best that is the greatest thing. And then I held up a little a little jar of my Himalayan sea salt. I love this this entire experience here on the west coast. It's been so amazing. So. So. I'm sorry, did you owns now to calm myself? So I don't get upset to hear more about all of your California lifestyle, hey, strategy strikes. You'll you'll like this part though. I just made arrangements to have my Harley shipped out here so that my life will be will be coming slowly. The east coast will slowly be moving its way to the west coast. I will no longer just be able to transport myself from one spot to another in either my my beach cruiser bicycle mice, GameBoy or my skateboard I will actually have a motorized vehicle. So what you're saying is that when when you're cyncial oils are not quite there and win, your shock crews are not quite valid. I never said the words. Shocker I've is. You will be able to hop onto your fucking American-made Harley. Davidson. Motorcycle fucking crank it up to about one hundred twenty guests Ables of caffeine. Looking exhaust sound to drive around LA in piss off all the people in their silent Tesla's to get all those shock RAs back in light. Again, I approve of this one hundred percents oh my gosh, I love it. I love it. Well, I'm glad that you approve at least of one portion of my west coast lifestyle, but I have to tell you straight when you were here and you were hanging pull side and you were doing karaoke and singing who songs from inside the poll, and we would podcast inside the pool. You weren't fucking complaining then were you motherfucker. Shea shea? Yes, that is an excellent retort, Doug you. You'd make an excellent point. When I maybe I may have few words, but they are. They are wise words and their well-placed. My friend, well-placed, look, I really wanted to make that argument. I would make the same argument about that that I would have been about Vegas, right? I love going to Vegas. Vega since January. February? Yeah, long fucking time as a long time. For many months? Yeah, I would never alike visiting Vegas Vegas like escape. And on the trade shows, it's gambling relaxing? Yeah, I would never want live there personally. I kind of feel the same way away. I really like to visit. I'd love to see you again and I did. I loved have the pool hanging out with your friends and like recording podcasts at the pool and Chilin. I just don't think I could live there. You know what? I really like about it a lot. I think that I think that this was an unusual kind of extra bonus that it didn't realize that I was getting is then I love the fact that when it's nine o'clock my time, it's midnight your time, and I'm still feeling in that zone with you because like for me, twelve o'clock is was way too late to do anything, but you are always up for it for me, nine o'clock is like mice. I'm slowing. Downtime. So, oh, I do love the fact that I'm three hours behind you. Oh, believe me. That was not lost on me because right now, currently, as we're recording this right now, it is. It's nine fifty one in l. a. which. Right? It's twelve fifty one here at a cat annually fucking ready to go because that's just me. I'm just tonight. Was funny night person because I still get up at six or seven every day. I just don't sleep. I don't need to sleep. I. I don't get hired Marjorie yacht. Yup. Yup. Yup. Embarrassed Mark through, but I don't think she listens. We shouldn't that be wait a second. We make our fucking guest list new show. We don't make our own employees. Listen to this show force them. She's listened to a few episodes. I just don't think she listens regularly all the time. I mean, I hope she doesn't like I hope he doesn't show to sit. She's part of the team now it doesn't matter took I don't think. think. Seriously. I don't think she'd be embarrassed. Honestly, I don't even listen to our show. That she. So early on so Marjorie. Okay. Let's give a little backstory. Right? You love the details right old. Three Marquette, yes. So when I came out to visit the first time I've visit you and JJ. Right, and we're talking it was after San Diego, and we're just talking in very general terms, hey, turnkey needs some help, and we technical person. We may need some more MR and JJ says, hey, I noticed remarks, right? And she's great. And I, I really think she'd be right for you. And by the way, I think, let's let's reach outdoors you. She can come hang out with a site. You can be. Okay, cool. That was that was a good, hang out actually. So we call her and she's like, sure I can hang out today and you and me and Jane Martin, we all know hanging out drinking like tricky. Keep our red light long. Right? We had a great time. We Marjorie very well, we, we clicked. It was great. So not only was it that she had the right skill set, but she was the right personality type, right, great personality, great attitude, and I love her right, I do too. So we hired her on the teeth. She's now a permanent full time. Part of the turnkey team. You helping us out with all kinds of great stuff. So a couple of weeks. So we hire and martyr were chatting back and forth somewhere kind getting to know each other. And she reaches out to randomly calls me and she's like, hey, treasure question covers Russian. Like, okay, she's like. You don't seem to sleep. I said, okay, we don't know what you're the very well, but that is very stupid. Ulceration your for. Right. She just, how do you do that? And I said, okay, it's interesting question. And then she Laverick. She's like, look, you seem like a pretty fun, positive upbeat person. You don't seem to sleep much, but you seem okay. It's not like you're of Bogin tired of on whatever I right, right. And so I said, well, I gotta tell you through four or five years ago. I was that person. I was like sleeping law. I was so tired. I was down whatever. I'm I've repulsive outlook on life. You know, I try to look at the good things, but also I love what I do. Right. Like I love doing this podcast you, I love turnkey a love, our turnkey clients. I mean, most most. Go down that road. Right. Look as as most of you may know I work a day job, right? I'm a report data, annals for social solutions. I love angel. I don't do the job because all my gotta make other. Day job. And so my typical day hours a day eight or nine one. hours, right? I come home. I eat dinner, hail by family bid bid one. Have a cell phone with, Jared, I gotta tell you when you said that like a hundred footing comments fly through my mind is such a softball like I've so there. So the first comment that comes to mind is I'm not gay. I just let him suck my dick. Good light. Exactly. Who doesn't like you could blow job right. And then the second comment is, did we talk about sheltering twelve dollars from the government in blow job in the same episode? Because I just don't even remember. I think it went. I think it was about a week ago. We were talking about how we can find a tax shelter or something like that for the twelve dollars in turn key. And then I, I, maybe I meant to comment made a comment about a blowjob, twelve dollars. I don't remember. I don't know. I don't either, but by the way hall, dude, you do not need an excuse to call in and ramble about whatever we don't give a shit. We love the call. I do believe that was one of your other topics. Wasn't it? Forty? Two, forty, two DJ Jagger's that have a police Glenn. Anybody anything. You wanna talk about anybody who wants to talk. We are going to play the voice mail or not even gonna listen to a head of time. So if you wanna call forty two j Doug and just you excellent ex-. Okay. Got a couple of drinks a couple of scotches doing a skew expletives we don't. We're not gonna. Listen to head tower. It's gonna play. No, no, we want you. We want you to leave voicemails. Just go ahead, funk, and fans. Those that are out there. There's many of you that have not left messages in a long long, longtime Jared were or ever. We, Jared, we very much appreciate your messages. You keep them coming in, but all of our other funk advance. I can't name all of you because I know I know who you are. I know you wanna leave a message, please go ahead and pick up the phone. Forty, two forty zoo DJ Doug, we will play the message. You can even just babble for five seconds if you want to. We don't care. We just want to hear the message, please. We just want to know you're out there. We just wanted to use it. It's all good. Yeah, Jared, dude, we love you. You can call in as often or as many times as you want. And by the way, as Doug said earlier, if there are messages that you have laughed that you that you have heard on the show, just leave him get. Chips. I can't remember Doke sober and he can't. Excuse for me. Okay. All right. Now I want to get just one. I just want what is going on over there Strickland. It's passed. It's passed door. Okay. It's it's one zero, seven less call. I think some of the people the birthday party here there are spilling out onto the highway was going on. Exact, should I post the picture I sent to you the fire and everything like that. As well. Wait, have we done that? Where's Muhammed? Muhamed Chakib we need you back. My friend, my God, Muhammad, each's Muhammed. Where are you? We need to show our please gene. You just do a Google search for flies and then do something like root to it. I don't know that would be for Tuesday in the pudding. Pudding woman, wait a minute. Hold on a second. Okay. Let me just let me just try to make sense of what you just said. Okay. Well, wait a minute somebody. I think it's the birthday girls coming over here. Looking me. Hold on one second. Okay. Okay. Is it your birthday today? dude, like Okay. turnkey So work what was and the whole I get deal to bed with them by. bringing like little cupcakes I can't remember the last out time to you? for midnights usually I liked twelve it thirty lasts one by the one way. thirty, something Thanks. like that. I'm up What's by your name? six or seven. Hold on. I'm doing a punt. Yeah, you went through Tell this. You her went to through podcast. this period of time She's where she likes. She where backed off you like were mad afraid at yourself like or you're not talking. going to bed before midnight, and you actually Okay. tried to go to bed before midnight, So what's but your. you actually never never. It's Molly Molly really make never fly. happened. I think I did twice me. You'll Mike remember is called. you got mad The at nice yourself. is on this. You couldn't do it. And I think you gave We are up setting the what the every nice guys once in on a while this writer. seven Like hundred. How I'll many be ways doing you're my thing in thirty prison crews, episodes. like it's So eleven o'clock. we're I'll all be like. about how do you head and business? Fucking I did tired nice. and yes, I'll Oh, go to no, bed. Eleven. It's we like really don't it's like talk once a month that much. This every is other known month. about this Right. every I'm still once in a a while month by six stumble or seven. Usually on bizarre. in Marjorie We is drink like, how a do lot you do of that? Molly. I'm like, I saw really early. everything Bringing that I out do. like little I enjoy things. and I really And the she presented think to that's you. the key, right? What were You. they saying. If they're I just doing graduated that, you don't like for what doing, nursing. hey, somebody Oh my else God. to do, get rid of them quit the day job, do whatever. By the way Anyway, like she should I reduce would have your somebody hoped tangent. that is his first I completely name, not his last name. forgotten the core thing that we started talking about here. Mine's No, that's okay. I don't even remember most what read it was you either like congratulations on your graduating your relationships nursing school. was I was mistaken. well. Yeah, It but wasn't that's a birthday what party. that's why. I says So the if you initial wanna tune singing in about my what relationships, it was. Tapeh women say, men in relationships is the place what to go. were you seeing I mean, it's Strickland. JJ makes total sense of the fuck ary. That Molly is called doesn't my personal even know life. what the hell She was under being somebody she who's gets weeks and it. She her understands as it and congratulations she's so well-versed notice at it and analyze. Limbaugh. I mean, you know, I mean, you know how well how good she is Let's eat as that kind of on coach. time, but And the we actually have several people from trip our out community to see that have holocaust reached out to her survivors. and survivors. and have expressed an interest in her coaching. I think there are a couple people that have actually taken her up on the on the whole whole coaching aspect of things and and it was really, she's coach MU couple times by the way, again, not interrupted a man robbed. Yes, I've had a couple of scotch. Gotcha. Homer. Anything much. Or so. JJ again, like all over the place. Now it's one o'clock in the morning. I'm here from all over. The place are fine. I love it. You're drunk. This is great. Title. Schoenbach joke. So I'm Jay, Jay, Jay Jane. I have done a couple of sessions in. She's amazing. I just have sue shit on. I haven't had a chance to get back with her, but she's amazing. So. Okay, go ahead. None of. So what I was going to say was that. So when when I'm able to chat with her on as the as the as the temporary co host or maybe the part time could not temporary that Jesus, that'll be horrible and temporary Colo's to be the part time. Co host of women. Men in relationships was great about it is we take actually this entire fucked up thing that has happened to me in my relationships in my an and where I might look at it on nice guys as a completely like, oh my God, my life is going down this horrible. You know this horrible path and look what's happened. You know, when I come on her show and we actually ended up having a conversation about it. My life begins to make much more sense. Maybe every maybe an and we discovered this when we were in Baltimore, just just a week or so ago. And and you know, I'm I'm sitting there in the chair and we're having we're having Bret or is sitting there in the booth. And we're having a breakfast with a buddy of mine. And I said, I don't even know where this this, this, this, this thought came, but I'm like, hey, maybe everything that has happened in my life up to this point, the divorces and you know the the people that have been mad at me and all this, the the exile in the stress and the all of the shit that has happened in my life. Maybe all of that. If I'm looking at this from a different filter, if I'm looking from this at a different angle in perspective, maybe this all happened for a reason that is positive to teach me something that I'm going to be able to take the next part of my life. And I'm like, I would never have been able to think those thoughts. I would always been. I would always been thinking, why the fuck did this all happen to me rather than this happened to me for a specific reason and it was an intended reason and it's a part of this this just this this path that I'm on, that's this is. Contract that I have made with myself. And when you look at it that way, it's like nothing in life ever happens for a reason poorly. It all happens for to teach you a lesson. So that's what we cover in women. Men relationships if you want to a slightly still a funny part of me, but a much more serious funny part of me. Listen to that that show because we do get into kind of deep with with relationships here. Here's where we just bash everything going on in my life on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and that is that is okay with me or the beginning of the show were hash you for the whole California lifestyle? Yes. GMO's in the corn is not instable. Okay. The comment that you just made about in hate? Maybe everything that has happened to me is actually happened for he said, yes, if that is part of the California lifestyle that support I agree with. I'm going to tell you. Is my bell. Bell. That is my philosophy, our percent, they're no such thing as stakes. There's no such thing as bad things that happen to you. And by the way, this big overall picture big picture. Yeah, could almost maybe be considered business advice if you want to consider business vice. Although we haven't given business advice on the guys. In a long time. So I don't wanna break that streak ship, but we do. It's just only three fifths of the week is business advice, the two-fifths of the week, known as Tuesdays and Thursdays, which is also one hundred percent of your time, which means that the only common element in the dysfunction of our Tuesdays and Thursdays is used stricklin. Realize that right despair dot com. Won't you realize that the only comment denominator in all of your dysfunctional relationships. I love that anyway. So back to I am one hundred percent of the belief in the philosophy, and I am so down with this. I am so aligned with this. That. Bad things don't happen. Okay. Mistakes don't happen and horrible things. Don't happen there to things that happened there, either successes or there are less when something bad happens. It's not like over. Just fucking horrible. And why the fuck did this happen to me new? It's trying to teach you something who knows what it is. And sometimes at the time it happens, it just not seem obvious. It doesn't seem like this could be productive. It doesn't seem like this could be something positive because it's something so horrible. You know what? Sometimes you just got to be patient go, you know what? Positives and I am a hundred percents on our that. I'm feeling there is a little bit of business advice in there somewhere. And now you've gone and spoiled it for everybody. Dammit pay for those of you who only listen to the Tuesday and Thursday show and completely Shum the month. Monday was your Friday because you don't want MRs vice. I'm sorry. I apologize. I didn't mean to infuse just a tiny bit of what might be considered business advice into the to say, while I got you on while I got you on a little bit of Iran tear just just talking in general, just as your as your. River, your verbally vomiting here. Can you explain it? I'm not. I don't wanna get into the politics of this. I just want to get into the understanding of where we stand with this. Do you know what's going on? Because I have not followed it at all. Other than through my CNN alerts.

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