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There wasn't a ton of rain associated with his kind of allowed some of that drainage to happen the. Cleared some, their own ways but with that high. Wind and tree roots that were already already Unstable because of, the all, that moisture from the last few weeks we had trees go down which of course take the lines down. As watching, all the great coverage. Listening of course here on the museum Jay on the weather folks You know what people like to criticize the weather folks they did a great job. Kind of learning people tell me getting their basements in the case of a potential, tornado at high winds and just a safety, elements of not wandering around the streets are waiting in waters that could be energized. By downed power lines just a great job all around and, and my dad was a weather now meteorologist and because I have an awareness of that I think is built into that, knowing what the impact. Of these storms can be but we we haven't had a ton of that this year and I think it was a good refreshing on, what to deal with when you see a storm like this come. Right, it's been fairly quiet so then it finally all came around and we like. We talked, about the forecasters knew, that something severe could happen yesterday and he did and then we got, more rain in our dealing with more flooding now it sounds like, the rain we got last night wasn't as bad as antiquated so yes we still have flooding but the, the flood, stage and the record, breaking flooding from the Milwaukee River Nozaki county isn't quite going, to be as high, as we thought they, were thinking maybe fourteen feet above flood level now it's. Going to be about fourteen so that makes. A significant difference so you'll have that you still seeing people in some businesses that are, dealing with flooding because of the no Ocoee river we've seen it elsewhere as well I'm just amazed at what mother nature can. Do and quickly to we've seen there are two Amtrak trains there were stranded overnight, the passengers have been sitting inside these trains, for twelve hours doing nothing because the tracks were washed out so you could not. Move those trains absolutely incredible the force of mother nature and, one of the questions people are asking so how does this affect Harley I think we're gonna be okay things should dry, out doesn't look at. The weather's going to ramp up again so I think those folks will be fine of course some of the transportation issues getting to the, events that could be a little challenging but I think as things. Drought, will be fine wondered about that we did ask Harley Davidson head planner Chris. Urban about, it obviously anytime we, get wet ground wet grass it adds some complication but all the heavy Lifting is done it's going to be. A little. Damp it's veteran's park down at the museum this is marquee this is. A mid west we're used to? It some wet shoes some wet. Feet Madam big deal. More from urban as far as our tents and all. The types of structures that we put together. We've dodged, the bullet with that one so now it's just water we've got a few days. Here we've got some wind in the forecast a, little more rain. But I think when, the sun pops, out and we get. Some, people out there hanging out it'll be, just fine yeah I, think that's the case Hardly writers are. Tough if I know that if I. Know any them I do. Know of quite a few they'll. Be fine events will be we'll go on his schedule it's, a big deal for Milwaukee big deal for the state huge deal for Harley Davidson the one, hundred fiftieth anniversary celebration. Go, back to whether real quick You're here Scott. War was Barkley all over that thing yesterday, I know, there's a lot. Of stuff going on there was a shooting officer. Involved shooting so there was a lot of moving pieces but you guys kept the listeners informed all throughout that thing so it's a nice job thing Jonathan, Woodward to is one of our resident weather guys he takes care of business when he's here so. Great great news round, that's number four of our, far for a ten I wanna do this story next because. I think it it speaks to what I've been. Speaking to a lot lately is just. The the level of discourse the level of politics creeping into every conversation it has, to. Do with the Russell Senate office building. And as you know with the death of Senator John McCain has been a bipartisan effort to rename that building we'll surprise, surprise already pushed back on that idea, I'll tell you. What that's all, about that's next Steve video. With you on this Wednesday right, here.

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