Beware Pets, Your Owners May Be Using You To Get Opioids, Warns FDA

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Newly published study from the university of Colorado show some pet, owners, may be, intentionally hurting their animals in order to get access to their opioid pain medications mountain west news. Bureaus alley Buckner has more on the study which appears in the American journal of. Public health really ten is with the Colorado school of public. Health, at c. you an sheds she helped lead the study which surveyed nearly two hundred Colorado veterinarians thirteen percent believed that a, pet owner in their practice had actually harmed an animal. To obtain, opioids for their own use veterinary opioids are no, different than those prescribed for humans Tenny says this area of medicines. Been overlooked the opioid epidemic and she says that needs to, change in a statement FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb says. Quote, it's important, to understand the role veterinarians who stock in administer these drugs play in combating, the abuse and, misuse of pain medications for NPR news I'm

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