Syria: Humane evacuations


From. NPR news in. Washington I'm Dave Mattingly President Trump says he misspoke when he questioned the conclusion of US intelligence that Russia interfered in the twenty sixteen election Crump's remarks in. Helsinki alongside Russian president Latimer Putin have been widely condemned by Democrats and. Republicans in Syria today state TV says thousands of people are being evacuated. From two Shiite villages the siege. For years by rebels NPR's lemon l. says it's part of a deal with the Syrian government in. Exchange for allowing evacuations the Syrian government is expected to release. Hundreds of rebel prisoners a similar deal was reached, in two thousand seventeen but the bombing of a bus during the evacuation killed about one. Hundred and twelve people former President Obama's education secretary wasn't Florida last night to talk about school shootings and how to respond as Jessica Bateman with member station w. l. RN reports he, visited a community where seventeen people were shot to death. At a high school in February. Arne Duncan is moving forward with a radical proposal he tweeted about in may after the school shooting. In Santa Fe Texas a national boycott of public schools he. Met with parents near parkland Florida on Tuesday night, to start planning it could last for a day or maybe longer and happen as soon. As September he says the goal is to create tension that will influence the midterm elections and produce stricter gun laws I'm Dave Mattingly in Washington I'm, Robin, young President Trump says he supports. One party his intelligence agencies but didn't believe claims that another party Russia. Was behind cyber attacks I will say this I don't see any reason why it. Would be, but I really do want to see the server but I have I have confidence in both. Parties next time here now Underway later, this morning at eleven on k. q. e. d..

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