Coats says he doesn't know what happened in Trump-Putin meeting


Outlying areas fair seventy three degrees right, now midtown Wins, news time ten oh five and announcement for the White House of the president asked national security. Adviser John Bolton to extended an invitation to Russian President Vladimir Putin to go to Washington this fault tweeted saying that while in Helsinki the president agreed to ongoing dialogue between, the two security staffs for the two countries and saying. That the, president asked his national security, adviser John Bolton to invite invite Putin to Washington this fall she says those discussions are already underway, but dot, dotcoms while there are still questions about what happened during that first meeting Kaitlan Collins reporting Dan Coats director of national intelligence says he still doesn't know what Mr. Trump Mr Putin talked about. During their meeting and that he was caught off guard by word of plans for a. Second, meeting the idea shot down that's the word from the Trump administration of the. US, and Russia Mike give the go ahead of allowing interrogation of those charged in each other's nation today the Senate voted ninety. Eight zero to approve a resolution of Posing sending US. Officials to be interrogated by the Russian White House press secretary Sarah Sanders who on, Wednesday said it was being considered issuing a statement that no the administration would not consider sending, businessman Bill Browder or former US ambassador Michael McFaul back Russia where both are considered enemies of the state that Monday's news conference with Ladimir Putin President Trump called it an, interesting idea that if the US sent some wanted persons. To Russia, Moscow might allow the twelve, in data Russians. To be questioned by the FBI the Sanders statement though us a proposal that was, made insincerity, by President Putin but President Trump disagrees with it hopefully President Putin will have the twelve identified Russians come to United States to prove their innocence or guilt Bob Costantini Washington seventy four degrees. Hackensack seventy four on Staten Island seventy four in Yonkers Carly fair seventy three degrees in. Midtown, Windsor valuable at three gusting to seventeen miles per hour repeating our current temperature. Seventy-three, going down to sixty seven in midtown wins news time ten Seventy Brooklyn jury, today convicted reputed gang member of manslaughter possession of a weapon in connection with the killing of an aide to governor Cuomo carry Gabbay thirty two year. Old Kenny Brasilia was acquitted by a jury of a more serious charge was hit by a stray bullet in the turf war that was going on at the time rookie, N'Diaye Eric Gonzalez with more today's verdict. Speaks it is senseless gun violence that if you take part in and gang, violence plaguing our, city you will be held accountable in a jury will find you guilty ahead. Claim I, mean excuse, me Brazilian. Claim self defense in, September twenty fifteen shootout outside Ebbets field in crown heights where Gabbay had been attending as you've as. Celebration there was a statement today from the governor saying in, part I hope this guilty verdict gives them some comfort talking about the family that Justice has been..

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