Inquest opens into British woman poisoned by nerve agent


WBZ NewsRadio ten. Thirty thanks Tracy WBZ news time twelve oh nine today in Washington the president says he wants Merican businesses to step in and help. Workers expand their skill set President, Trump pushing his pledge to the American worker which calls on businesses to come. Up with opportunities to increase worker skills the initiative spearheaded by the president's. Daughter Ivanka Trump they won't be committed to expanding apprenticeship increasing on the Job training and provide, Americans from high school to near retirement with concrete opportunities to obtain skill. Ivanka Trump says among the companies on board are IBM. FedEx and Lockheed Martin the president also expected to sign an executive order today establishing a council aimed at increasing job skill training opportunities Mark Remillard ABC news. Time on Capitol Hill today Senate. Majority leader Mitch McConnell has now asked to committees to hold hearings. When it comes to Russian sanctions says he's hearings are part of the effort to respond to any meddling from Russia or anyone else in the upcoming midterms American intelligence agencies continue this. Week to warn. Of retaliation after confirmed meddling by the. Russians in two thousand sixteen. Yesterday. The, president continued to change, his tune on this subject saying no when asked if Russia's still had. The US as target however later yesterday the White House said the president, does believe Russia could try it again now speaking of which this new. CBS news poll out today and it shows when. It comes to concern about Russian meddling in the elections How Americans feel tends to depend on where they stand politically looking ahead most Americans. Are somewhat concerned that Russia will try to interfere with the upcoming congressional elections. Well two thirds of Democrats are very concerned most Republicans. Say they are not very concerned CBS's manager of surveys, Fred Backus, meantime over in the UK British police. Believe they know, who carried out those nerve agent attacks on former Russian double agent Sergei scribble and his daughter Yulia the Press Association is quoting a source saying that British investigators identified the suspects by looking through CCTV video and, they also crosschecks dot with records of people who entered the UK at the time the source said the investigators are, sure that the suspects are Russian Russia has denied any involvement, in. Time a coroner there is looking into the poisoning death. Of, a woman who was exposed back on June thirtieth to that same nerve agent in. Question Novacek WBZ news time at twelve twelve as we mentioned, as we mentioned earlier Marcus smart reopen with the Celtics Yahoo sports reporting it's Four year fifty two million dollar deal meantime the. Major league baseball all-star break is over now teams getting back. To work tonight but not the socks start up. Again tomorrow and they've got a tough second-half ahead WBZ's Adam Kaufman has more on that as hticket dot com sports. Studio Red Sox have.

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