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In prison is the sentence along with a fine of twenty five thousand dollars and in order to pay one hundred ninety thousand dollars in restitution that coming from us district court judge paul borman who said there was a need to promote respect for the law in this case the case centering of course on funds in regard to a former fiat chrysler training center in regard to monies that were to be used for training automobile employees her husband of course morgan's husband is former deceased general holyfield former uaw vice president who has already said worked with the uaw officials in regard to basically stealing money from this fund four and a half million dollars meant to train chrysler employees automobile workers and in regard to her play morgan said that she basically hit admitted to hiding twitter thousand dollars in her taxes in two thousand eleven prosecutors say morgan knew exactly what she was doing hers was not a crime of need but one of greed reporting live and local outside of federal court in detroit john hewitt wwe j newsradio nine fifty wwe news time three oh six comments have been heard and now the department of natural resources says it will make a decision on whether they detroit grand prix can stay on belle isle ww j newsradio nine fifty lauren barth hold reports at a meeting between race officials and the belle isle park advisory committee friday there were three hours of public comment some people were against keeping the race on the island saying it's not good for the environment but most were for it saying it brings excitement and money to the city the grand prix is seeking a new threeyear agreement which includes an option for two one year extensions the dnr which owns belle isle now says it will hold another special meeting of the park advisory committee august second at six pm and make a decision shortly after that lauren berthold wj newsradio nine fifty we blew past memorial day burn third july four so the next summer holiday in detroit the dream cruise wj newsradio nine fifties mike campbell reports.

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