Trump gears up for meeting with 'competitor' Putin after rocky NATO summit


Newsradio klbj i'm john colleen topping austin's news president donald trump needs to be clear eyed about who fled if you're putin is that's the advice from texas senator john cornyn the president prepares for his helsinki summit with his russian counterpart on monday i don't see any reason why the president should not talk to putin i think it's entirely appropriate but i think he needs to be very clear eyed and understand who is dealing with and what the issues may be the american civil liberties union is proposing that the trump administration be given no more than a week to reunite twelve young children with are now deported parents from whom they were separated at the border and thirty thousand signatures on petitions were submitted to city hall yesterday calling for voters to weigh on whether or not the city should have an efficiency audit perhaps county taxpayer's union founder don zimmerman says although the city does have an audit team limited in its scope basically just picks out little areas of abuse within the city government lbj's radar weather ended up to a.

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