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It's six thirty gmt this weekend from the bbc world service still to come the uk government's attempt to clarify its negotiating position on brexit the impact of floods and record rainfall on western japan and an unusual type of musical performance in which wrong notes are celebrated that's all here on weekend with me julian summary of world news bbc news with nick kelly leaders of the former farc rebel group in colombia have made their first appearances at a special tribunal that will try crimes allegedly committed during the country's five decades of civil war the head of the faulk rodrigue donyo also known as timoshenko asked for forgiveness for the kidnappings carried out by the group about one hundred and fifty students in nicaragua i've been trapped inside the church at the main university in managua after coming under attack from paramilitary groups sympathetic to the government of president daniel ortega so far only a few injured protesters and the journalists have been allowed to leave the local government in pakistan southwestern province of baluchistan is observing a day of mourning for more than one hundred and twenty people killed in a suicide bomb attack it's an election rally on friday the bomb blast was the third attack in seven days in a flare up of violence ahead of general elections shed ruled for the twenty fifth of july the boys rescued from flooded cave complex in northern thailand are expected to be released from hospital next thursday thailand's health minister told reporters that the boys and their families needed to be prepared for the media attention they receive when they come out the president of era tria assias ever work is expected to visit ethiopia late today that's the latest move towards reconciliation between the two countries after years of physical conflict the last week ezio pius prime minister the armored made the journey to retrieve the two leaders formally declared an end to a state of war and president trump is spending the weekend at one of his golf courses in scotland where his preparing for a summit on monday when is due to meet president putin in helsinki the white house has insisted that friday's indictments of russian intelligence officers for us election interference has not thrown the meeting off course abc news you're listening to the bbc world service i'm julie morica with weekend coming up.

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