Dear Elon Musk, delete your Twitter account


Let's get a quick check on your business headlines deborah mayes standing by mattis chinese investors will be barred from trading in shares of dozens of foreign companies including those with weighted voting rights such a show me as regulators seek to strengthen protection on the shanghai hong kong connect xiaomi was the first company with weighted voting rights solicit hong kong and it had already postponed issuing cdr's due to market conditions the liquidator have struggling bras group is said to prefer an offer from cerberus capital management over a rival bid from colony capital deloitte is managing the operation with pricewaterhouse coopers and we're told service is seen as a better option agreement maybe struck within weeks our sources say no final decision has been made but holidays bid has been turned down biggest bank has become the latest company in the uae to report exposure to bras emerets med says it has an exposure twenty one point three million dollars through an equity investment abroad and a further six seventeen point six million invested across three abroad funds tesla boss elon musk was forty thousand dollars to a political committee that supports house republicans but insists he's not a conservative donation is his second largest of this election cycle after a fifty thousand dollar contribution to another republican group last year the self proclaimed socialist took to twitter to defend himself saying he gives money to democrats as well to maintain dialogue and that's your bloomberg business flash thank you very much what does the word waking up to this morning in the middle east we're waving up just like your oil prices and a message from the imf about what's happening this is hard markets finished yesterday divide is bid on behalf of one percent of course we saw.

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