UK PM May says Donald Trump told her to sue the EU over Brexit


Live from npr news in washington i'm nora raum president trump believes later today for helsinki finland for a meeting tomorrow with russian president vladimir putin trump's now in scotland where he's been spending the weekend at one of his golf courses one of two in the country the president met last week with british prime minister theresa may she told the bbc's andrew maher today that previously trump had given her advice which she did not take trump had told her how to deal with european leaders on the uk's departure from the eu don't negotiate see them in court he told me i should sue you sue the city you negotiation susan actually no negotiations with may pointed out that during his visit the president had also told her not to walk away from negotiations secretaries of state from around the country and election security experts are gathered in philadelphia this weekend to discuss how to fight back against the threat of interference in november's midterms as whyy's bobby allen reports election watchers are especially alert about voter registration breaches department of homeland security officials say russians made efforts to hack into the election systems of at least twenty one states on the twenty sixteen presidential election and susan green hall with the national election defense coalition does not want to see that again in november so she's talking with top state officials about a nightmare scenario and adversary attacking voter registration databases on election day to change voter registration records and prevent people from voting on election day causing chaos and also sewing discord and mistrust in the system green hall says many state leaders have assured her that registration databases are getting increased security and election officials say they are developing backup plans in the event that voters have trouble casting ballots in november bobby allen npr news philadelphia after a month long run the men's world cup ends today with the final between france and croatia france was one of the favorites heading into the soccer tournament croatia surprise finalist thanks to the team's historic streak of endurance npr's tom goldman reports it's a day of i for croatia first time in a world cup final first team to get to the final after winning three straight time games and they're hoping the match with a first world cup championship france is favored it has the more talented lineup from forwards killing an mvp and antoine greece mun to rocksolid goalkeeper hugo lorries croatia particularly shines in midfield where luka modric excels with his ball handling and passing the french shouldn't rely on their opponents fatigue with those record three straight extra time wins croatia has proved it can go for as long as it takes but if france can outlast the croatians it will mean a second championship and first since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight tongue goldman npr news this is npr news from washington the united nations issued a report today that the number of civilians killed in afghanistan in the first half of the year increased by one percent this year one thousand six hundred ninety two civilians died the most since the un mission in afghanistan began keeping track of civilian deaths in two thousand nine the report said more than half those deaths were attributed to islamic state the last two blockbuster stores in alaska are shutting their doors tomorrow marking the end one of the last strongholds of the video rental business as npr's laura sydell reports that leaves only one blockbuster in the united states in the pre internet days blockbuster was the place to go when you wanted to watch a movie at home but the internet has moved the rental business online blockbusters all over the country shut their doors but the alaska stronghold state and business partially because high speed internet in the state was expensive now the last two stores one in anchorage and one in fairbanks are calling it quits the last blockbuster standing is in bend oregon the satirist john oliver did a segment on the alaska stores he sent them russell crowe memorabilia including a jockstrap crow war in cinderella man the hope was that the stores could sell the items for money or use it to draw customers the under says he'd like to return the jockstrap laura sydell npr news the california democratic party has given its endorsement for the senate seat now held by dianne feinstein it's not for feinstein but for another democrat state senator kevin de leon who is considered to be a long shot in the general election member i'm nora raum npr news in washington support for npr comes from npr stations other contributors include e c m c foundation working through improve postsecondary educational outcomes for under served students through evidence based innovation learn more at e cmc mc foundation.

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