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Jessica Rosenthal Fox News the coastguard confirming three people. Injured after reports of an explosion. On a dredging vessel off. The New Jersey coast officials now say a. Pipe burst as it was being used, to remove, material from the ocean floor remains under investigation the injuries are described as minor a wrestling star turned movies Star is urging fans not to be fooled by requests for money on social media Johnson took to Instagram to post a warning to his fans who he says have been getting extorted by phony Facebook scams urging them to send money and in return they will get money back. And cars Johnson stressed his passing he worked hard to. Get worry, is today would never ever ask you guys for money just to give you guys, free stuff I'm the guy who was the victim at fifteen as you guys know by twenty three, at seven bucks in my pocket value, a hard earned dollar and I would never ask you guys for money Dirac saying there have been an, extraordinary amount. Of people, that are, falling for the scam adding vigilant be smart question it reported and he said he has the feds working. On, it Michelle Pollino Fox News it's a day off for Wall Street tomorrow we'll be the first trading day. For September the Dow the s&p. NASDAQ all ended August higher FOX News Radio

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