USA Gymnastics says CEO out in latest post-scandal shakeup


Maria and the California wildfires came one after another last year. And then the report released today, the GAO found that the federal government simply didn't have the train staff to adequately respond to these disasters disaster response to the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico was also hampered by distance geography and poor communication. These disasters are likely to cost the federal government over one hundred and twenty billion dollars for NPR news. I'm sukey Lewis. And San Francisco, this is NPR. Former Senator John Kyle reportedly selected to succeed the late. Senator John McCain of Arizona in congress. Mccain died more than a week ago at the age of eighty one was laid to rest this past Sunday. Mccain's widow Cindy approves of the decision. She tweets John, Kyle is a dear friend. She says it's a great tribute to her husband that Kyle is prepared to return to public service for the state of Arizona. The head of USA gymnastics has resigned just nine months

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