Steve Bannon dropped from New Yorker Festival after swift backlash


Pro Bono lawyer paid for by the city or state ice detainees in New Jersey, though likely fight without an attorney making deportation far more likely so in July governor, Phil Murphy, budgeted two point one million. Dollars to hire lawyers for detained immigrants, but so far not a dime has been spent the process for dispersing, those state funds to legal nonprofits only began last week advocates say after WNYC began asking questions in the meantime, immigration advocates say they've been frustrated and countless immigrants may have already been deported. The ongoing nationwide prison strike is entering its final. Week ahead of the forty-seven anniversary of the Attica prison uprising in New York inmates across the US have been protesting for weeks. Calling for better living conditions and fair wages for prison jobs among other policy changes but Janos Martin of the ACLU's campaign for smart Justice, says the facilities often go into lockdown at the first sign of protest making it difficult to know what's going on. Inside. Phone lines are shutdown visiting access is restricted, and we often have to wait until stale mail comes through to really know what happens at least three New York prisons are reportedly involved in the ongoing. The protest Steve Bannon is no longer headlining the two thousand eighteen New Yorker festival. The ex-chairman of Breitbart and former aide to President Trump was announced as part of the festival's lineup yesterday. The news sparked an immediate and intense backlash several high profile festival guests, including Judd appetite. John Mullany Jim Carey and Jimmy Fallon all said, they would pull out of the festival in a statement yesterday evening editor David rim. Knicks said he had rescinded the invitation remnant says any future plans to interview Bannon would be in a quote, more traditionally journalistic setting we've got hazy hot and humid conditions today with sunny skies and a high around ninety three degrees right now. Seventy eight degrees, sunny skies in New York City..

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