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Teens rob gas station after clerk collapses


What do you do with a couple of kids like this police in Washington state said Tuesday the identified two teenagers? Who robbed a convenience store after the clerk collapsed with a life threatening medical issue. Police say the teens walked into a shell station with an adult man on Saturday afternoon. One of the teams took a pepperoni pepperoni. Stick from the counter and started eating it. Then gave a second one do his friend with a man tried to purchase a different item. Felisa clerk tried to charge him for the two pepperoni sticks. As well. An argument broke out before one of the teenagers offered the clerk a dollar Bill. Incense the clerk came around the counter to confront the teens. After a brief conversation, the clerk term to return to the register only to stumble and collapse. The adult man left the store and one of the teenagers grabbed the dollar Bill out of the clerks hand. The teens initially left the store, but each of them return to steal merchandise an empty the stores cash. Register. The teens can be seen on surveillance video stepping over the clerk to exit the store. Police said another customer who entered the store after the boys left called nine one one. The end of that the clerk is still alive, but he's in critical condition. It's not clear whether any of the trio had been arrested or even charged with a crime robbery. They went back into the store cleaned out the cash register. Steal merchandise. What do you mean, the they don't know what they should arrest on? Are. You kidding me? I bet you these these teenagers are just the pride of their family. Question is what what do you do? What do you do with teenagers that behave like this? Do you charge them with a robbery? Charge them with simple theft. What are you charge them with? You know, the argument that the engaged with a clerk is what caused his medical condition. To reach a level where he collapsed. He was fine before the teenagers came into the store and get into a confrontation with the guy. So I think you could make the argument that they are responsible for his medical condition. So what do you do with these kids? Police are trying to figure out whether or if they'll be charged with a crime. I mean, it's pretty cut and dry when they're on surveillance videos rifling through the cash register.

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