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Organizers in Tokyo making adjustments for the two thousand twenty summer games the triathlon. Events will now be staged on the large manmade island in. Tokyo Bay though also start. Earlier in the morning eight AM instead. Of ten AM to counter the heat expected to the Japanese capital organizers and the international triathlon union. Also, revealed plans for the individual triathlons mixed relay perr triathlons all taking into consideration. The hot weather the country is now. In the midst of, a deadly heat wave with, temperatures topping one. Hundred four, degrees Fahrenheit the. Heat is. Blamed for. At least one hundred sixteen deaths it's not the first time adjustments have. Been made for the games the nineteen sixty four games in Tokyo. Were held in October to avoid the harshest of the, heat however that. Was before the Olympic schedule was influenced by rights paying broadcasters and sponsors Will President, Trump agreed to sit for an interview with lead Russia investigator Robert Muller AP correspondent Rita Foley reports on new information President Trump. Has said publicly that he would like to sit down and talk to prosecutors his, lawyers though have objected to the terms, that were offered now a person briefed on a new proposal tells the Associated Press that special counsel Muller's team may be willing to limit some questions the. President is, asked or. Accept some answers in writing talks between. Trump's lawyers special counsel investigating Russian interference in the election have restarted in the past few days but the person. Who spoke with us says it's not clear a deal will. Be struck for the president. To be interviewed Rita Foley Washington Brixton's. Closing all of its one hundred remaining shopping mall stores the retailers filing for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection. Again, after first filing for bankruptcy in twenty fourteen and says it will focus solely On its thirty five airport locations and online sales Brooke stone CEO says the situation in malls been extremely challenging and the decision to close, them all was difficult Hi I'm Ralph Rousseau AP. College football writer and host of the AP top twenty five college.

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