Apple is killing its App Store affiliate program


Uh-huh. The daily tech headlines for Thursday, August second, twenty eighteen. I'm Sarah lane. Apple announced an Email to publishers that apps for us and MAC OS will no longer be included in its affiliate program. Apple says, it's new apps store interfaces for us and MacOS have new methods of discovery for out all other content types, including music movies, books, and TV will remain in the affiliate program. Last year, apple dropped the affiliate rate for in-app purchases from seven percent to two point, five percents, speaking of revenue. Apple became the world only trillion dollar publicly traded company on Thursday in terms of Merck cap. When stock price hit two hundred seven dollars and five cents before dipping below two hundred seven again and going back to very high billion dollar status. Apple stock has appreciated over eight percent since apple announced its latest earnings results on Tuesday, the companies that are new fiscal third quarter record with fifty three point, three billion dollars in revenue and strong iphone. Ten sales, Cisco announced it's buying security firm duo security for two point, three, five billion dollars. If the deal goes through co, founder and CEO, Doug song will continue as general manager and will join CISCO's networking and security business do a security platform. Let's employs use their own device for adaptive authentication. Instead of using separate key-fobs with security codes, Twitter announced Wednesday that users will no longer be able to automatically cross post their tweets to Facebook due to Facebook, changing its API platform. Facebook log in which granted permission to publish post to Facebook. Abby logged in user will no longer have that permission read at c. t. o. crisslow posted announcement, Wednesday that an attacker compromise some employees accounts with red. It's cloud and source code hosting providers and managed to get a read, only access to some current Email addresses of users as well as a two thousand seven database backup with salted and hashed passwords. The employees accounts access were protected with SMS bay two factor authentication where. The attacker intercepted. The SMS slow recommends everyone moved to token based to a last year. Durga launched a one point, five billion dollar five year program known as the electron resurgence initiative or e. r. I to support work on advances and chip technology. Now, DARPA sharing the first set of research teams that it's elected to explore new approaches to US shift development and manufacturing through design architecture materials and integration. The is budget represents around a four fold increase in DARPA typical annual spending on hardware. Google added a new feature inside. It's maps app, sharing your location. Also shares your battery level, Android police notes that in an AP k. tear down earlier this year it appeared that Google was giving approximate battery levels, but that the numbers now seem to precisely be tied to users when checking context location. There's now a battery icon next to the distance along with a percentage and charging status. And finally, Facebook is launching its own version of playable ads across its. Platforms advertisers would now be able to promote games using playable ads. So a player can try it again before downloading playbill ads drive higher ten installs from people because they probably already liked the game and are more likely to play after the install. Facebook's playable ads. I launch video of the game and then shift to interactively. The effort wasn't beta for more than a year for more discussion of the technique of the day subscribed to daily tech new show dot com. I'm Sarah lane. Thanks so much for listening Taty next time.

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