Iraq War veteran's wife deported to Mexico after wanting Trump to intervene


Following it NewsRadio twelve hundred w a, couple of, huge wildfires in northern California now are being treated as one massive blaze the ranch fire threatening thousands of. Buildings and prompting thousands of people to flee their homes in Mendocino and lake counties the fire has scorched, more than one hundred fifty thousand acres and his only thirty percent contained Pentagon officials say efforts to find American soldiers missing during the Korean war will continue in a news conference Major General Kelly. Mckeag says the, recent discovery of presumed American remains will not be the last doctor John bird says his preliminary assessment finds the remains are. Quote consistent with being Americans from the Korean war and the, wife of an Iraq war veteran isn't sure when she'll see, her two daughters again Alejandra warez a Florida saying goodbye to, her family before boarding a plane to Mexico and being deported yesterday members of. Congress delivering a letter earlier this week to President Trump asking to stop that deportation her husband. Is a naturalized American citizen A former marine with a tour in Iraq under his belt and, a self proclaimed conservative who voted for Trump both daughters born in the United States breaking news on the hour at the half and anytime at w. dot com brought to you by comfort air. Engineering time now, for traffic and weather together we have an accident reported on the westbound side of highway ninety at couples not much of. A delay though attached to this that's the good news we, also have minor slowdowns as you move northbound on for ten, approaching thirty five on the northeast part of town if you, see wreck gifts a call to one hundred seventy five twenty six o one. I'm Stephen foster NewsRadio twelve hundred w Away. From the roofing dot com weather center A started the weekend on this Saturday with a. Few clouds initially did some afternoon signed China's the. High approaches ninety four clear to the evening the low tonight will drop to seventy. Five and partly cloudy and slightly..

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