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Fame, class of two thousand eighteen or. Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray, Lewis wide, receiver Randy moss Chicago, Bears linebacker, Brian Urlacher, Philadelphia, Eagles in, Denver Broncos. Safety Brian Dawkins, Houston Oilers. Linebacker Robert Brazil Green Bay Packers offensive linemen Jerry Kramer and. Former, general. Manager, of a number of teams, Bobby Beth third they'll all be. In canton Ohio for the induction ceremonies tonight but. One inductee will, not wide receiver Terrel Owens. He's in, Chattanooga Tennessee planning his own ceremony he says. He's staying away to protest the voting process, I'm John. Stolnis President Trump attacked Los Angeles, Lakers star LeBron James, on Twitter. Last night he called CNN, host Don lemon, the dumbest, man on television and he said lemon quote made. LeBron James Looksmart, which isn't easy to do I'm Christopher cruise and I'm Susanna Palmer from Bloomberg world headquarters the years looking a, little brighter for Berkshire Hathaway's insurance businesses and that is reflected in its numbers this morning Berkshire said that underwriting at those insurance operations swung to, a profit in the second quarter. Adding to earnings during the, first three, months of the year, operating earnings, to sixty, seven, percent to, six point. Nine billion dollars, in the. Second quarter operating earnings for the company's railroad businesses climbed thirty. Seven, percent. While, profit at utilities and energy, companies rose to five hundred eighty. One million dollars book value per class H-share climbed, to three percent, from the first quarter Taiwan. Semiconductor Manufacturing, said its operations were hit by a computer. Virus last night TSMC the sole maker of, the main, processor for Apple's iphone said a, number of its fabrication, tools were. Infected with the virus that, was not caused, by a, hacker TSMC said it had contained the problem and. Found a solution, Wells Fargo Disclosed, another round of problems and potential scandals in its, quarterly report yesterday the Bank said it faces a. US inquiry into its purchase of low income housing credits and admits it may have unnecessarily, foreclosed on about four hundred homeowners the US trade deficit widened in June for the first time in four months this is exports fell and imports grew politically sensitive trade gaps with China Mexico and Canada all increased the overlap between CVS health and Aetna's Medicare prescription drug business is raising concerns and sparking divestiture discussions among. Department of Justice staff that according to a capital. Forum report. Citing sources, familiar with the matter CVS has offered to. Buy at sixty nine billion dollar deal global news twenty four hours a day, on air and it ticked up on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts. In more than one hundred twenty countries I'm Susanna Palmer this..

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