Health officials: Condoms are not meant to be reused


Here's the story that both you and I heard early this morning on Steve Cochran show Steve Grzanich the first to. Report this I assume that Steve Bruce? Was making it up but it turns out it sounded like a. Story that like what does that Set of Atlanta health. Officials are relying is in Atlanta Georgia and the, the headquarters for Coca Cola and Walking Dead and Weather Channel Atlanta Braves stadium Health officials are reminding people that condoms, are, not reusable The centers for disease control nicely done. Wendy and prevention tweeted on its sexually. Transmitted disease site that's a, site about sexually transmitted diseases you don't get sexually transmitted but don't follow it, on Twitter because then people think you have all right good point that condoms are for single use officials say that they needed to tweet. The message because people are. Washing or re using condoms instead of. Throwing them away we live, in a very thrifty society Wendi it says on there there are. Like da, instructions, on things like, on? A frozen. Pizza it. Says cook cook this pizza right no kidding it's frozen what am. I gonna just bite into, it some serious, recycling there and this is I mean even Judy pilot the goodbye girl, will tell you because she she, loves to reuse things but even she will tell you and I've seen her, speak, at schools there for one use. In one use so but it says it on there It does I know it does and I mean we just, assume well everyone knows this don't, waste your Inc we know that it's just for one years and yet there. Are, some people who don't know that And I will list. Their names now reduced names the. Agency also says the condoms have expiration, dates yeah. Because a. Lot of my friends. In high school, learned that the, hard, way that's not. True I've had this. For five years I got to get rid, of it can another one now five years poor thing The. CDC I said Mitterrand's the, CDC breaks, down yeah It does I. Know. I know there's an expiration date and balloons to? Yes so, does vulcanized rubber mister spock's. Condom Generated by. Here's that was logical the CDC says correctly using condoms can reduce but. Not eliminate, the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. They can. Also protect. Against other diseases that may be transmitted through sex. Of. Course I'm referring to the Zico virus Were you I don't know when. To believe what it's it's it's from the CDC it's from Atlanta time. In one, time only one day that's it A. Bill, left. With condoms? Story I don't know how to take it I, said friends of mine. Didn't say me no no no just you reading this. Oh yeah Yeah well. It's important. Announcement the kids are coming. Downtown for the LaLa wanna know you can't reuse. One one and? Out and they're. Not transfer bright wanna know like Jay. Cutler all right we'll. Take a quick. Break then some news and then. Dean is at lollapalooza is he performing. We don't know we'll find out that's coming. Up, next, it's, Bill and Wendy WGN. This, afternoon Heading into a big afternoon in. Chicago a very controversial afternoon in Chicago Dr protest and we'll have live reports plus with. Europa reviews the spy who dumped me and the new Christopher Robin movie that's the White Sox and seven twenty AM and here are show live on the stream of the.

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