‘House of Cards’ Season 6 teaser reveals Frank Underwood’s fate (Spoiler Alert)


Am I favored TV shows on that flexes house of cards? It was Kevin Spacey's vehicle. Remember Kevin Spacey was the star. He started his Frank Underwood, buddy. Kevin spacey. Even though he's not going to be indicted by Los Angeles belief. He's off the show what happens to Kevin Spacey's character. Frank underwood. And this season's house of cards which will debut in November. What happens to Jeff? What happens doing he is assassinated? I'll give that to you. I was wondering for them all. I would say Steve they'll play that. Steve. Yes. Okay. He dies. He dies because I saw trailer today where she did he die. I don't know yet. Incorrect being assassinated as you tattle usually die when you're absent. Unless it's an attempt. Thank you for that. Yes. Yes. He dies because the trailer today. I saw Robert Wright to place guy Spacey's someday somehow makes it

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