Trump Administration Eyes Capital Gains Tax Cut


Good afternoon. I'm Michael Phillips, Kelly in the six eighty. WCBS Maryland news center at the news of four thirty one the non trick non waiver trade deadline was at four this afternoon. And the Orioles had some big plays today. They traded second baseman Jonathan scope to the Milwaukee Brewers and they traded Kevin Guzman and Darren o'day to the. Atlanta Braves is not yet clear what players actually. Will be coming back to Baltimore in either deal Facebook says it has uncovered sophisticated. Efforts to influence you influence US politics on its platforms the company said it removed thirty two accounts. From Facebook and Instagram because they, were involved in coordinated behavior and appeared to. Be fake the company says it doesn't know who is behind the efforts but there are signs it may be connected to Russia the Trump administration studying the idea. Of reducing the taxes levied on capital gains but no decision has been. Made yet on whether to Proceed the change would involve taxing capital, gains profits on investments such. As stocks are real estate after taking into account inflation which would lower the tax bite capital gains taxes are currently determined by. Subtracting original price of an asset from the price at which it was sold and then. Taxing the difference without adjusting for inflation right now at the inner, harbor in downtown Baltimore Eighty-three degrees and it's Eighty-one right now at. Baltimore Washington international, Thurgood Marshall airport reporting at four thirty two, I'm Michael Philip Kelly. Six eighty WCBS news the FOX, business report brought to you by audiology associates when silence is not golden call, audiology associates four ten nine four four thirty one hundred From the FOX business network on Wall Street, markets rallying. On the final day of July the best month for the Dell and s and p five. Hundred since January.

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