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The Dow gained one hundred eight points the s&p five hundred picked up thirteen, the NASDAQ gained fourteen stocks boosted by a report. That the US and China are in talks to ease trade tensions. Facebook confirms it removed thirty two pages and accounts. It says were part of a coordinated effort to influence this. Country's midterm elections the social network says it doesn't yet know who's behind the campaign but the actors went to even greater lengths to obscure their identities than the Russian agency that's been charged with interfering in the twenty sixteen presidential election Scott Goldberg ABC news For what it's worth I'm Cheri Preston what should you. Do with your old tweets with the recent controversy surrounding guardians. Of, the galaxy director James gone a lot. Of, people are wondering that Emily Dreyfuss technology writer at wired magazine got rid of. All hers I paid fourteen ninety nine to delete all my tweets in one James Gunn had written some really offensive. Tweets seven eight years ago and when Disney the. Parent company, of ABC found out about it they fired him Dreyfuss says she. Gets it name reason, I deleted my tweets was because we have, seen a rise in people going back through people's old tweets and weaponising things you you've said and taking them out of context and I decided the, risk was too great To just keep my bad, jokes alive and. Facebook posts and Instagram pictures of. Course. Live on in screen shots so they're never really gone perhaps you should follow the old rule to never put up anything you wouldn't want published front and center everywhere forever. For what it's worth Cheri Preston ABC news It took, five decades but, a Redmond, woman finally knows who her, father is as komo's Brian. Calvert tells us science save the day.

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