Nationals set team scoring record, top Mets by 21 runs



Birthday today to Colorado because this day in eighteen seventy, six Colorado became the thirty eighth state to join the United States of America just so. Merle haggard could have a place to sing about Thome about a century later Merle So I can Colorado August I nine hundred thirty six Adolf. Hitler presides over the Olympic Games as they opened in, Berlin One hundred and, ten thousand spectators at glam the arrival of the official procession headed by jammies number one host chancellor. Hitler pauses to accept a floral tributes amid the reverberating The. Ceremony upgrade which follows America standard powdery and review the head of uncle SAM's formidable team three hundred. Seventy nine strong man this day in one thousand. Nine hundred seventy one, the Sonny and Cher comedy hour debuts on CBS TB Ladies and gentlemen Sonny and Cher Sixteen. And a half past the hour now on first light, time to get ready for meteorologist dean devore's tearing himself away from his satellites and radar. And whether charts, just, for us good morning. Dean Michael good morning to you we had some very heavy showers and thunderstorms run, through Detroit yesterday or. Last night especially in northern Ohio we'd got more showers and thunderstorms in the. Offing today along the east coast so, anywhere from Detroit, over, to Harrisburg Just inland from New York City and Boston. I think this afternoon could see some strong to perhaps severe thunderstorms in. The southeast we're looking at temperatures warm and sticky more shower and thunderstorm, pop ups here Atlanta, Columbia South Carolina down into the Florida peninsula drier air working its, way into the western Gulf including parts of Texas in fact a place like San Antonio today you're going to be warm upper nineties but the do point the humidity is. Going, to be low down in the fifties so little relief from, the humidity and, least in those areas as drier air moves through places like. Saint Louis has a dean's list day today mid eighties, with, sunshine even cooler than that as you head into the northern plains temperatures sixties and. Seventies in the, Dakotas, and some showers thunderstorms. Could pop up today in parts of the upper planes in Minneapolis and parts of, Wisconsin to then heading. Out west today we're looking at some shower and thunderstorm activity over the mountains. Sizzling heat elsewhere interior parts of the A little, bit. Of a heat trimmed along the coastal areas in Washington and Oregon state and. Down, in California to Michael, have a great Wednesday already dean you have one two well the. Initial forensic analysis of more than fifty boxes handed over by North Korea last week. Appear to hold human remains from the Korean war and are likely American that, word, this, morning from the on air base in South Korea before the boxes began the flight to, Hawaii it's eighteen and. A half, past the hour on first light, sports time as we say, good morning, to Robert workman and, Robert the MLB trade deadline is coming past I guess Bryce. Harper still seems to be with the nationals and they celebrated last night. Didn't they they certainly set off the fireworks keeping him in Washington nationals, made mincemeat of the, Mets twenty five to four yeah you heard right they beat the, Mets oh they turn them into mincemeat the Mets scoring seven times in the first inning then three more in the second three in the third three in the fourth and three, in the fifth after New York got one back well that, made a man, Washington scored six times In the eighth inning off noted reliever Jose Reyes you may, be more familiar with him playing shortstop in the majors for the past sixteen years note to Jose stay in your lane gave up five hits, two walks in two hundred, plus, hit a batter Daniel. Murphy, went deep twice off real pitchers driving in six runs and that Bryce Harper. Not traded on deadline day had a couple of run-scoring doubles most runs they've scored in franchise history dating back to the Montreal days and the worst loss in Mets annals surpassing even that twenty. Six to seven loss to the Phillies back in one thousand nine hundred. Five elsewhere yesterday the Braves blasted the Marlins eleven to, six rays beam past the angels tend. To six Rockies top the cardinals six three Yankees dolled up, the Orioles six three Masahiro, Tanaka went? Six innings for the win his. Thirteenth consecutive start without a defeat Miguel Andrew are hit? A. Three run Homer? Indians. Tackled the twin. Six to as bounce. The, Blue Jays six to Astros thank the Mariners five to Houston's lead back up. To four in the AL west pirates. Pass the cubs, five. Four the brewers blank the dodgers one nothing Wade Miley and the Montana's with. A, two hitter Lorenzo Cain, doubled in the games Only run. Diamondbacks shut out the Rangers six exact godly struck out ten godly and, TJ MacFarlane. Combined on a four hitter AJ Pollock, homered the upshot of all that Arizona's now. On top. In the NFL, west the dodgers and Rockies are half game back there tied for the second wildcard behind the. Brewers Milwaukee is in a virtual. Tie with the cubs for first place in the central and we still got two months to get royals whip the. White Sox. Four to two giant says the Padres three two in ten innings Phillies flip the Red Sox. Three to one Jake Arrieta struck out seven and seven for the win and the Tigers ship the reds two to one non waiver trade deadline pass yesterday afternoon lots of activity adding players for the playoff run the dodgers got second, baseman Brian dosier from. The twins and, reliever John expert from the Blue Jays Milwaukee sent three players to Baltimore for their second. Baseman, Jonathan scope pirates got right hinder. Chris Archer from the race for two prospects and a player to be named Cleveland picked up centerfield early owners Martine from the Tigers and Arizona editor relievers Brad Ziegler for Miami and Jake, diekmann, from, Texas big sellers, Tampa Bay not. Only traded Archer they also said they're all star catcher Wilson Ramos to the Phillies they Also added Toronto lefty Aaron Loup. Orioles set right hander Kevin Gosper into the brave for four players and a chunk, of international bonus money and the cardinals and outfielder. Tommy fan to the raise Oscar Marcado to Cleveland for prospects there, was medical news to. Red Sox ace Chris sale. Goes on the. Disabled list with left shoulder inflammation he's left handed so that's important and New York Yankee, left-handers j. becomes the second, New York, pitcher in a, week to be. Diagnosed with hand foot and mouth. Disease met starter Noah Syndergaard, came down with a case of Coxsackie ten days ago baseball doesn't really like to call it Coxsackie I don't know why I, just like. Saying. Coxsackie he's. To come off the disabled list today the Yanks are hope that hap- will just missed one start so I guess they're hatful as well as hopeful that's thank, you Robert we're coming, up on twenty two after the hour straight ahead on first light will. The fed raise.

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