Private payrolls boom in July, increasing by 219,000 vs 185,000 estimate: ADP


Denver high temperature. Eighty seven degrees tonight down to sixty one now that. Chance for afternoon thunderstorms in the mountains is going to. Continue right on through the weekend and, again from time to time, storm may sneak east into the. Metro area but generally dry weather and warmer, highs in the nineties from tomorrow through every day next week from CBS four I'm Ashton. Altieri on KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM. And ninety. Four one FM some clouds this morning and fifty degrees in Denver now on Colorado's morning news the blueprints for three d. printed guns, are on. Hold for now thanks to a temporary order by judge now the debates on these homemade weapons is heating up ABC's Jim Ryan joining us now with the latest on that good, morning Jim, morning to debate began really in two. Thousand thirteen, a guy named Cody Wilson founded a company called defense Attributed it was his goal with this nonprofit organization to distribute blueprints. For principal guns firearms it was us doing so on principle he said because he felt that he. Was simply, sharing information and what, people did with that information was up to, them before the prohibition came down yesterday from that federal judge in Washington about a. Thousand people in Pennsylvania at. All ready downloaded the blueprints for this this firearm now those plu those plans have been taken down off the internet so there's. No access to them at, this point at least Marty right but the blueprints are still. Floating, around Jim is your is it as. Simple as you got a three d. printer you can get a gun, more or less yeah I mean if you if you. And by the way three d. printers gopher only about. A thousand dollars now you can get them fairly cheaply And they're getting cheaper. All the time so if you have a computer and the software to run the three d. printer and you had, the blueprints for something like this then yes you could create anything from a handgun all the, way to an, assault style rifle I was reading it the president? He had questions about this and I think either he was going to or did. Already speak with the NRA on that. Anything of that that you're aware yes well we don't know if he got in touch with the NRA or the NRA got in touch with him but we do know that even as, early as nineteen eighty eight the NRA officially was opposed to guns that could not be. Detected by x Ray machines these guns they do have at least. A couple of metal components and so they might, in fact be, detectable? At TSA or the the airport checkpoint. But the the, other issue with them is that they're not treatable because they don't have a serial number of course and? They. Also don't, require a background check because you're simply making, the gun yourself so supporters you've got critics what are the real dangers of those three Eighty printed guns they can, just get in anybody's in yes I mean if there if. One happened to be used in a crime they use real amunition they put real holes in people and if you use one in, the commission, of a crime there's no real way to to trace the weapon that might have. Been used in it it's the. Sensually like a burner phone ABC's Jim Ryan reporting thank you Jim thanks six fifty five Financial Engines dot com providing list. Of your money news as we? Turn. Things, over while we could get it for another blockbuster jobs report the payroll processor ADP is out with its, own jobs report for July and it shows private sector hiring up, by two hundred nineteen thousand far higher than the one hundred seventy three thousand projected ADP's. Report covers, only private sector jobs and it comes on a few. Days ahead of the, government jobs report which includes both private and public sector hiring. And that report comes out on Friday the parent company of your neighborhood supermarket here in Colorado may kick your credit, card out of the store Kroger is the owner of several grocery store companies including Foods Co., which is announced, that starting next month you won't be able To, use your visa credit. Card to pay for your groceries..

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