Pope changes Catholic Church policy on death penalty


The remains some have called the Korean war the forgotten But today we prove these heroes were never forgotten our boys are coming home the President Trump says he. Looks forward to seeing him again soon, the search for missing university of Iowa student Molly. Tibbets has taken the thirties outside of Iowa Blake McCoy reports for NBC's today. Show overnight NBC news confirming police responded to a possible, sighting of Molly at, this. Truck stop in. Western Missouri late last week it remains unclear if. It, resulted in any leads the, family of the missing Iowa student is setting up a fund they hope. We'll bring her home some financial history today apple became the. First US company to hit a market value, of one trillion dollars shares of the tech shine have been soaring since it reported better than expected earnings Republicans, on the, Senate, Judiciary committee say, a massive number of documents on supreme court nominee Brad Kavanagh are being made available. For review, is probably the deepest dive we've had into the, background of a supreme court Justice. At least From the quantity of the material available of any previous supreme court nominee I will Republican Chuck Grassley said that should be more than enough to satisfy. Democrats over one million ram pickup trucks, are being recalled due to a problem with a. Tailgate lock Fiat Chrysler says they have not received any word of injuries due. To the problem you're listening to the latest from NBC, News Radio Pope Francis, says the death penalty is never, justified pope Francis has changed the Catholic church is teaching on the death penalty the pope declared. Today the death, penalty is inadmissible in all cases Francis said the death penalty is. An attack, on the. Dignity of the person and his declaration is being added to the official statement of Catholic beliefs historically church policy allowed, the, death penalty in some cases if as, the policy, put it it was the, only practical way to defend the lives of human beings effectively. Against the aggressor pope Francis. Says the church will work to see the capital punishment is abolished worldwide Mike Bauer NBC News Radio activists aren't happy with, Facebook's decision, to remove at unite the right counter protest page from the social media site. Facebook Tuesday removed dozens of accounts and pages it's says were created by bad actors similar to fake accounts that may be connected to Russian organizations one of the pages delete it was the no unite the right to DC page a counter protest to the white nationalist. Rally taking place in Washington August twelfth local organiz Are slamming the decision by Facebook saying the page was legitimate. CNN, will air one more season of. Anthony bourdain hit, series parts on known the network, announced yesterday it recorded enough video for a final season before boarding committed suicide in June he. Award winning chef, author and TV host had completed an episode shot in Kenya before. His death, it will. Be the last episode with ordains narration a survey coming out of California says most professionals think office meetings waste time, which, Deo Singh from the staffing from temps, says the, average worker spends twenty one, percent of his or her work day in meetings and a. Quarter of that time is. Unproductive that's interesting because the response from the finance leaders somewhat similar where they spent slightly more than twenty percent in meeting, and, about, twenty one Unproductive the survey also found thirty six percent of workers say they're less engaged when they join a meeting remotely. And forty-seven percent of managers agree a majority of those survey thing most meetings could be summarized in an Email Tom Roberts NBC News Radio The latest from. KOA NewsRadio Colorado Springs police officer is in critical condition following an early morning shooting. Police chief Pete Carey says the confrontation came. After someone called in a report of gunfire in the police department, gets calls of shots fired we go check it out that's a priority one call for service Ulster's job in. Uniform got there, pretty quickly, the, wounded officer was shot in the head the suspect was. Wounded and, is in custody with non-life threatening injuries Aurora police plant. A press conference for this afternoon to talk about the officer involved shooting the kill, the, homeowner, earlier this week police chief Nick Matt says much. Of what's on social media is wrong he says he looks forward to sharing results. At the department's investigation that information is through review of nine one one tapes review of body worn video cameras footage and other evidence and. Interviews of witnesses and officers Richard. Gary black was shot and killed by an, Aurora police, officer after, black Shot and killed. A violent intruder in his home and effort. To raise money for a portrait of. President Trump to hang inside the Colorado state. Capitol building is reached its goal go fund me account created. By state Senator president Kevin Grantham. This week raised over nine thousand, dollars, by yesterday afternoon combined net with a private donation the effort has raised more. Than enough to paint the portrait of forty fifth. President the group in charge. Of the effort hopes to use the same artist painted the portraits of Presidents Bush. And Obama the currently hanging in the capital. Chat often KOA NewsRadio they could all be ones that got away, Colorado wildlife officials want anglers to stay off rivers and lakes for.

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